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PARIS – On Friday, French website Orient XXIA published a report confirming that the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) soldiers are keen on showcasing video clips and photos of the violations they commit in Gaza to highlight their superiority and take pride in their crimes.اضافة اعلان

In the era of social media, IOF soldiers are eager to share videos and photos. According to them, detained Palestinians are no longer men, women, or children; only “enemies” to be killed and “things” that must disappear, Khaberni reported.

What is most astonishing is the number of photos and videos captured by IOF soldiers while they are laughing with joy and mockery.

The report compared this situation to the Abu Ghraib Prison crimes in Iraq, where American soldiers documented their heinous assaults on Iraqi prisoners.

Singing amidst the rubble
Multiple videos have circulated on the internet of IOF soldiers enjoying the destruction and suffering of Palestinian lives. Some of these videos include:

●An IOF soldier who enjoyed the abandoned possessions of Gaza’s children.
●Other soldiers, while singing amidst the rubble, broke into a safe in a Palestinian home.
●An IOF soldier boasted about destroying buildings at Al-Azhar University in Gaza.
●Two soldiers smoke cigarettes while an entire group of civilian homes are demolished.
●Two soldiers proposing marriage at a school recently bombed in northern Gaza.
●A soldier celebrating his engagement with comrades, counting down until a bomb explodes in a civilian building right behind him.
The report also mentions “more organized” video clips showing IOF soldiers preparing to launch rockets in front of the camera, accompanied by music.

These actions raise serious questions about the conduct of the IOF and their disregard for international law and human rights. It is essential to hold accountable those responsible for such violations.

These videos are not exclusive to Gaza but have been posted by IOF soldiers conducting raids in the West Bank, specifically in Jenin. One video shows IOF soldiers smoking hookah and eating potato chips, feeling comfortable in a Palestinian house where the residents are blindfolded and their hands bound behind their backs.

Another video from Jenin shows an IOF soldier reciting Jewish prayers from a mosque.

Signing artillery shells
According to the report, the latest trend among the IOF is signing artillery shells with messages. Israeli President Isaac Herzog himself engaged in this act during a field visit on December 25, 2023.

The report also acknowledged the role of online influencers. For instance, blogger and soldier Guy Hochman can be seen touring a destroyed house in Gaza, as if he were visiting a rented apartment on Airbnb.

In a highly satirical tone, Hochman points out the dilapidated ceiling, debris-covered floor, and walls adorned with anti-Palestinian messages reading, “This entire residence is free.” In another video filmed in Gaza, he declares, “This sand is ours, this sea is ours.”

Pride in destruction
The report highlighted that this odd behavior in war, represented by the IOF soldiers themselves, reveals what political sociologist Yagil Levy calls “dehumanization through contempt.” This sentiment pervades a significant portion of Israeli society. Notably, videos have surfaced showing Israelis disguised in Palestinian attire during a theatrical performance mocking a massacre that occurred just a few kilometers away.

An Israeli activist residing in Germany, Nimrod Flashenberg, commented, “What is disturbing is that they film themselves celebrating the bombing of universities and homes in Gaza. It is astonishing how much joy and pride these soldiers feel in destroying a country and its inhabitants. This detachment from humanity is so ingrained that they do not believe they are committing any wrongdoing. However, we only see glimpses because the army monitors and controls leaked images from the frontlines.”

The actions of signing shells and celebrating destruction raise serious ethical questions and underscore the complexities of conflict in the region.

The Israeli mentality seems to erase the existence of Gaza’s inhabitants, attributing all civilian losses solely to Hamas.

The Orient XXIA report noted that, based on these video clips and the evidence documented by UNRWA, representatives from South Africa supported their complaint filed with the International Court of Justice (ICJ). This complaint highlights that these videos represent the “first live-streamed genocide.”

Despite efforts to report these video clips, they remain visible online. Meanwhile, content related to events in Gaza is regularly subjected to scrutiny and shadow bans.

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