The ten-minute writing sprint is life-changing

I now work on my fiction every day, even for only 10 minutes, and the words add up

Read and Write with Natasha
Read and Write with Natasha
I first heard about the ten-minute writing sprint concept during my podcast conversation with indie author Doug Weissman.

I was curious about this approach, so I tried itاضافة اعلان
Suffice to say, it has been life-changing.

I now work on my fiction every day, even for only 10 minutes, and the words add up, making me feel happy and accomplished.

Take that, procrastination!

Just like Doug Weissman, I'm a full-time writer.

I do a lot of content creation for various clients, so spending hours writing fiction on top of that can fry my brain.

The daily ten-minute writing sprint is pure genius and takes care of my pain point.

Here is an excerpt from our interview:

Since implementing this approach, I've noticed a significant improvement in my writing. The daily practice sharpens my skills and keeps the creative juices flowing.

The ten-minute sprint is also more than just a writing exercise; it's a mindset shift.

It's doable for anyone, regardless of how many times they complain they are busy.

Here is our full interview on YouTube:

And why stop at writing?

You can implement the strategy on anything

I started doing a ten-minute house-cleaning sprint.

Ten-minute sprint of practicing the violin.

Most of the time, I exceed the ten-minute limit, clocking in at least 30 minutes because, according to physics, a body in motion stays in motion.

So, if you're struggling to find time for your writing or anything and are constantly battling almighty procrastination, I highly recommend trying the ten-minute action sprint.

Below is the full interview on Spotify if you prefer the audio version.

Happy writing!

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