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The Weekly Roundup: Photographer’s edition

Whether it’s simply adding playful text to an image or completely overhauling it akin to the Photoshop experience, apps can help you achieve what you desire. (Photo: FreePik)
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Welcome to yet another weekly roundup!

This roundup will cover some of the best apps available on smart devices for those of you who are keen on maximizing your photography skills for social media.اضافة اعلان

Whether it’s simply adding playful text to an image or completely overhauling it akin to the Photoshop experience, we are going to list out some of the best applications available on the market, their pricing, and most importantly, their most beloved features.

PicsArt: For the everyday socialite 

Simply put, PicsArt is made for those looking for a fast-track path into the photo editing world. It’s incredibly simple to use, has various features that provide distinct levels of control over your images, offers a vast variety of filters and the ability to create stickers, and, more importantly, a localized camera tool that enables real-time pre-shot effects and photo tools to boot.

The app also features a host of tutorials for those who are only getting started with photography — which is a huge plus for the app as many newcomers are rarely familiar with the extensive tools available on these apps.

However, there is a drawback. To gain access to the video editor, stop ads from popping up ever so frequently, and access all tools, functions, and content, the app runs at $11.99 per month or $60 per year.

While we don’t recommend this app if you’re looking for a far more in-depth experience — which will be discussed below — if you’re looking to touch up some photos before posting, this app is definitely worth checking out even at its base version.

Snapseed: For the upcoming pros 

Let’s cut to the chase; Snapseed is a relatively challenging app to use, let alone master. The app comes with many features that allow you to overhaul images completely. The tools themselves are also heavily modifiable and greatly enhance the experience for those more in touch with their artistic side.

The app also features some more commonly found features, such as the run-of-the-mill filters. However, the number of tools this app host is its true selling point. Akin to photoshop, you can layer images to increase control over what elements of the image you plan to change.

This is especially useful when using the “Stacks Brush” tool, which enables you to apply a specific filter or feature only to the brushed-up areas.

Overall, this is a solid app for those seeking more control over their images and one for those looking to get into proper photography.

Adobe Photoshop Camera: For the lazy

Having Adobe Photoshop may not surprise anyone — but there’s a catch to this one! 

The app isn’t exactly Photoshop itself; rather, it’s an add-on to your camera that modifies the image you take and utilizes AI in order to perfect it, whether done through a filter or not.

In essence, think of this as an enhancement of your camera — for phones that are of lower camera quality, this app is an absolute must.

Adobe’s Camera app also has run-of-the-mill features such as filters. However, unlike other AR filters, these are significantly more engaging and can completely redesign the entire image in a matter of seconds — to the degree that it appears to be manually photoshopped.  

The best part about the app is that it’s completely free to download. As a result, this app is nothing but a freebie addon that enhances your photo skills.

If you’re looking to snap images on the go and want to be lean on time spent before posting them — this is definitely the go-to app for you.

Prisma: For the artsy ones 

While there isn’t anything in terms of features that particularly distinguish Prisma from the hundreds of photo editors out there, its filter function has some of the most unique filter elements we have ever seen.

Most of the filters you will find on this app are completely inspired by artists, and therefore they are more often than not significantly more unique than what other apps have to offer. If we were to describe their filters, they are probably best described as Picasso-like. Hosted within the app is a smart AI system that almost perfectly transcribes the filter unto the selected image, creating an accurate, highly rendered result.

The app itself has over 370 filters in total as of the writing of this article — however, most of them are, as expected, locked behind payment.

There is a weekly trial that runs at JD1.5 for those that aren’t quite sold on the concept. However, if you decide that you’re a fan after the test run, a yearly sub will cost roughly JD22; not too shabby for such a unique twist on the filter craze.

Bonus App: TouchRetouch 

TouchRetouch has been a long-standing app in the market. It is the “good old reliable one” of the photo editing world on smartphones.

However, what makes the app unique is its incredible ability to remove any unwanted objects in one fell swoop.

That’s right; remove people, objects, and entire backgrounds if necessary. The app has been able to leverage its AI for years now, and it has experienced tremendous growth over the last couple of months.

The most incredible bit is just how easy it is to use. With a simple click on the object you want gone and a “Go” button press are all you need to get rid of that pesky photobomber in your image.

The app is a definite must-have if your pictures tend to get ruined last second before the camera clicks.  

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