Yalla Adventure Jo discovers hidden places in Jordan

(Photo: Handouts from Yalla Adventure Jo)
AMMAN — When you explore more of Jordan, you'll come across hidden places that you wouldn't be able to see without adventure.

Yalla Adventure Jo, based in Jordan and launched in 2016, specializes in offering a wide range of adventures and activities to individuals and groups, including camping, mountain landing, hiking, trekking, adventure, and other outdoor activities.اضافة اعلان

“I have been an adventurer since I was 16 years old. I have visited many unique places in Jordan. Some sites are hard to access since they require climbing,” Hamzeh Ababneh, the owner of Yalla Adventure Jo, said in an interview with Jordan News.

(Photo: Handouts from Yalla Adventure Jo)

Ababneh explained that the idea was to turn his hobby into a project, to introduce people to undiscovered areas in Jordan. “Yalla Adventure Jo is important in renewing Jordan's natural areas and promoting them as touristic destinations.”

Yalla Adventure Jo's team goes to great lengths to train people in the activities they offer. “One of our main goals was to prepare people for experiences such as camping, climbing, and mountaineering,” Ababneh said. His team is familiar and experienced with the places they visit, and emphasizes safety.

He told Jordan News that Yalla Adventure Jo organizes various types of outdoor activities in Jordan, including climbing, mountaineering, and swimming in a variety of locations. Moreover, they provide the visitors with the necessary equipment and guidance during the trips.

(Photo: Handouts from Yalla Adventure Jo)

“Yalla Adventure Jo has a team that enjoys their job and to know how to the you safe,” Ababneh highlighted.

According to the owner, Yalla Adventure Jo covers numerous areas of the Kingdom and works on planning trips by selecting the undiscovered and “most beautiful” areas, as well as ensuring that the teams are equipped with the necessary equipment and tools in case of danger.

“We cover every spot in Jordan — each city, and we choose the most beautiful areas, and our major goal is to visit all of the locations in a safe manner,” he added.

Yalla Adventure Jo’s selection of locations is tailored to a wide variety of visitors. Visitors’ ages and the destination’s difficulty are taken into account, as is the degree of danger or risk. “There are places to visit for people who can make an extra effort and withstand physical exertion,” Ababneh explained.

Furthermore, the Yalla team provides rescue services that serve people and the community.

(Photo: Handouts from Yalla Adventure Jo)

Regardless of the losses sustained by Yalla Adventure Jo as a result of COVID-19 and the lockdowns that were imposed to combat it, the pandemic was a positive turning point for the project.

COVID-19 pushed locals to explore domestic tourism and Jordan’s touristic destinations. Many areas across the country — including Wadi Aya, Wadi Aya, Wadi Mukheiris, Wadi Karak, Wadi Jazara, among others — have seen an increase in visitors, as a result.

By partnering with local parties in each city, Yalla Adventure Jo supports the local community, who in turn provide the equipment, transportation, food, and more, needed to visit the areas.

“Many local people work with us during our trips as a guide for their area; they give us help and support,” Ababneh said.

(Photo: Handouts from Yalla Adventure Jo)

What distinguishes Yalla Adventure Jo is that it has offers activities and trips all year round, in both the summer and winter. “During the summer we head to the south, and during the winter we head to the north — this is what the climate in Jordan allows,” the owner said.

Ababneh underlined that Jordan is full of natural wonders, beautifully stunning and fantastic nature that can to be discovered, stressing that “many people have abandoned their plans to travel outside Jordan in favor of local tourism and discovering Jordan.”

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