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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Set the pace before someone else does. Look for an opening to showcase what you have to offer. Make a change based on facts, not hearsay. A serious discussion will help establish your next move. Keep personal finances a secret.  اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Investigate the best way to improve your surroundings without going over budget. Refuse to let someone push you into something you may not need. Know what you want and say what's on your mind. Channel your energy into love, fitness and happiness.  

GEMINI: Look for the best opportunity and get started. Discuss your plans with people in the know who can offer valid suggestions. A show of patience and reliability will help you overcome any negativity that comes your way.  

CANCER: Control your emotions and concentrate on your responsibilities. Tie up loose ends, and play it safe when it comes to health, finances and contracts. Have a target in mind, and don't budge. Don't rely on others; do your own thing.
LEO: Choose your words carefully to avoid being misinterpreted. Less drama and more facts will help get your point across. Handle your money with care. Being overly generous won't buy respect or love. Lower your overhead, and don't pay for others.  

VIRGO: Channel your energy and enthusiasm into the changes you desire, and you'll feel jubilated. The detail you offer will lead to opportunities that will help you advance. Take the initiative; less talk and more action will encourage productivity and positive change.  
LIBRA: Mix business with pleasure, and it will help you develop a good rapport with your peers and insight into something that interests you. A chance to advance will evolve from a conversation you have with someone in an important position.  

SCORPIO: Look past the obvious, and you'll find a passage that leads to personal or spiritual growth. A transformation will encourage you to do things differently. Focus on what makes you happy, not what makes you rich. Romance is in the stars.  

SAGITTARIUS: Pay attention to health and money matters. If you rush into something, you'll have regrets, and if you hesitate, you'll miss an opportunity. Balance, integrity and good timing will be necessary to get ahead. Recognize and dismiss interference.  

CAPRICORN: A problem with a friend or relative will cause stress and worry. Look for alternative ways to help someone you care about without it costing you financially or emotionally. Put your health and well-being first. A personal contract looks promising.  

AQUARIUS: A serious approach to how you earn or handle your cash will pay off. Discussions regarding what you want and your direction will lead to valuable feedback and the push you need to get ahead.  

PISCES: It's up to you to make a change. Sitting around waiting for something to transpire will lead to depression and disappointment. Step up and act, or you will have no one to blame but yourself. Look, see and do.