Today's Horoscopes

(Photo: Jordan News)
ARIES: You can wheel and deal, but before you make a final decision, check the facts and figures. Make a decision based on truth and longevity. A fitness routine will give you clarity as well as help build physical strength and stamina.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Inconsistency will be your downfall. Do your part to get the facts straight and to make up your mind. Vacillating will allow someone to step in and take over. Take a stance if you feel someone is outmaneuvering you.

GEMINI: Consider the validity of what's being said or offered. Refuse to let anyone lead you down a rabbit hole. Show discipline, verify the information, and stay focused on physical accomplishments, love and solid relationships. Walk away from emotionally manipulative people.

CANCER: Think matters through to the end before you begin. Having a plan in place will ease your mind and help you decipher what's legit before getting involved. Preparation is vital when it comes to success and happiness.

LEO: Plan something cost-efficient but packed full of excitement and fun. An adventure day that tests your skills and awakens your soul will change your life forever. Stop contemplating and start living the dream. Romance is encouraged; embrace new beginnings.

VIRGO: Protect against deception and emotional manipulation. Take nothing and no one for granted; don't rely on others to do things for you. Stay focused on what's important to you and make any adjustments necessary to get what you want.
LIBRA: Show more interest in making a difference. Get involved in a group or organization, and you'll feel good about the contribution you make and the people you meet. Change begins with you; offer your skills and services. Romance is on the rise.

SCORPIO: Channel your energy into decluttering your space and making room for something you want to pursue. A change of plans will offer insight into an unexpected partnership. Learn from the experience, and you'll find a way to excel. Expand your horizons.

SAGITTARIUS: A physical challenge will help you feel good about what you achieve. Distance yourself from anyone who puts you down or plays mind games with you. Be cautious regarding health, financial or contractual issues. Pay attention to detail.

CAPRICORN: You'll advance if you pay attention to detail and handle matters personally. An open mind and the ability to recognize a deal will lead to financial gain. A joint venture looks promising, and family discussions will lead to a positive change.

AQUARIUS: Reconnect with someone who has helped you out, and you will pick up where you left off and find common ground that can result in an ongoing partnership. Don't let a change at home discourage you. Embrace new beginnings.

PISCES: Have a vision regarding business, status and getting ahead. An opportunity is good only if you take advantage of what's available. Don't let something pass you by because you don't believe in yourself. Step up and make things happen.