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ARIES: Honor the commitments you’ve made. Your heart is in the right place, so share your romantic feelings with a loved one. The grass isn’t any greener no matter how lush and inviting it may look today.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may be disappointed even though you hope for the best. There is a tendency to think that someone new is better than they really are. Tried and true companions will buoy up your spirits and can make you feel loved.

GEMINI: Tact and diplomacy are essential items to keep in your toolbox. Remain quiet until someone is willing to listen to what you have to say. If you feel out of place at a social gathering, deconstruct it later and learn from it.

CANCER: Break out enough headspace from the hustle and bustle of daily life to make the most advantageous decision. Rules are sometimes broken by accident, but you may be reminded that rules are there for a reason.

LEO: The person who seems least trustworthy might perform the most radically ethical acts. Once you get past the surface appearance, you may find something worthwhile. Widen your circle of contacts and acquaintances.

VIRGO: You could judge a book by its cover. Trust that a loved one will be loyal, and your faith can be rewarded. What seems like an obstacle will not become a stumbling block unless you blow it out of proportion.

LIBRA: One way to understand various relationships is to understand how each one affects your feelings and sense of well-being. Drawing comparisons might prevent you from making an effort to get beyond wishful thinking.

SCORPIO: If you do not get what you expect, then it only makes sense to realign your expectations. If you become too fixated on negotiating terms to your advantage, you might not be able to come to a satisfactory agreement.

SAGITTARIUS: You may give your heart and money freely because you have faith that everything will work out for the best. However, keep your eyes open so that someone is not able to take advantage of your generosity.

CAPRICORN: Use your people skills to avoid conflicts. Be sure you are standing on solid ground with a romantic partner before you make any commitment. Follow the rules where your possessions and finances are concerned.

AQUARIUS: All that glitters isn’t gold. You may be like a magpie who is attracted by anything that shines and sparkles. A new love interest might spark romantic urges, but the attraction could be based on a misconception.

PISCES: Choose quality over quantity. Putting forth some extra effort can create something far more satisfying in the end. You and a loved one can put your heads together and find something fun to do this weekend.

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