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June 30 2022 11:42 PM ˚
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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES : Don’t fight a losing battle. You may be too optimistic, so avoid risky investments and do not add more debts or expenses to your budget. Work hard to keep your money safe and to make your friendships happy.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS : Unforeseen circumstances could crop up and throw your plans out the window. Clarity of thought is needed to quickly analyze any minor problems that arise. Let the smoke clear before making a final decision.

GEMINI : There is no reason to put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Act instantly when you grasp a technique that will make things run more smoothly. This is unlikely to be a good day to deal with emotionally volatile issues.

CANCER : Turn off emotional reactions when business is on the agenda. Keep cool when someone seems envious of your position. You must think clearly and act sensibly when juggling numerous tasks and a hectic schedule.

LEO : Look forward to the weekend and remain focused on reaching your goals. Don’t be discouraged by minor jealousies or disputes at the workplace. You may be mistaken if you think that someone disapproves of your ideas.

VIRGO : Think before you act and let common sense and objectivity be your best friends. Remain satisfied and contented with what you have. Don’t let frustration, spite or envy lead you to an action that will have consequences.

LIBRA : Don’t let your hidden desires erupt and spoil the day. Unless you can afford to lose, don’t give into the temptation to gamble with money or your heart. Focus on being generous without going to extremes or being extravagant.

SCORPIO : There may be an opportunity to make peace with a friend. You might be better served by keeping someone at arm’s length rather than pursuing a romantic passion. Use intelligence to handle your financial affairs.

SAGITTARIUS : Bide your time. Some financial plans are better off left in the planning stage. Weigh the options carefully before making any major decisions or changes. An impulsive decision can lead to complications.

CAPRICORN : You may not be happy with the flow of events but swimming against the current is a bigger challenge than you can handle. Do not give in to dramatic feelings now. Accept a situation rather than struggling against it.

AQUARIUS : You should be more comfortable when your things are in good order. You probably have much to do and find that an organized environment makes you more efficient. You may be tempted to risk money on a bad idea.

PISCES : You are likely welcome almost anywhere because you can be tolerant of different viewpoints and generous with praise. You should avoid making major purchases and wrap up current projects before beginning new ones.

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