Reeminikin : Self-development and art appreciation

Alsmadi believes that everyone should take their time for self-reflection and focus on how they can develop themselves, which was the inspiration behind her business. (Photo: Handouts from Reem Alsmadi)
Reeminikin is a hand-built, small-batch utilitarian ceramics business that infuses each encounter with life and a spark of excitement.

The artist and owner of Reeminikin, Reem Alsmadi, strives to produce useful art with a whimsical approach. She has been passionate about art since she was a child; she studied arts as a way to express herself. اضافة اعلان

“Since my childhood, I have loved art and creating things with my hands,” Alsmadi told Jordan News in an interview.

The artist is an Amman-based ceramic artist and illustrator specializing in digital illustration and handmade artisanal pottery.

She created her small-scale tableware brand and online shop in 2021. She is also a mug collector who enjoys coffee and decided to make her own mugs and paint on them.

(Photo: Handouts from Reem Alsmadi)

Reeminikin products include mugs, tableware and serving dishes.

“I create handmade ceramics and custom illustrations,” she said, adding that Reeminikin designs are inspired by vibrant colors and organic shapes, and hopefully “instill a sense of wonder in everyone who sees or utilizes them”.

The concept began when Alsmadi took the decision to work on self-growth, and started forming clay into utilitarian pieces of art to convey her youthful personality; “pieces that can be utilized daily, not just art that sits on a shelf”.

Alsmadi believes that everyone should take their time for self-reflection and focus on how they can develop themselves. Her time for self-reflection is usually spent with a mug of coffee in her hand. That is why, she said, “Reeminikin mugs are a way of saying to the customer that it is your time”.

“When you sit to drink coffee, make sure to give yourself the love that you deserve.”

(Photo: Handouts from Reem Alsmadi)

To Alsmadi, art is a healing practice; working with the clay is even more so as it entails “interaction between humans and the Earth’s powers”.

“When I create a piece, I feel that I am giving a part of me,” she said, adding that the pieces have unwritten messages about the importance of self-love that people can feel.

Alsmadi believes that vibes and energy can pass on to others, and that is why she “puts love” in her products.

(Photo: Handouts from Reem Alsmadi)

“Nowadays, life is moving so fast, and each person must have time to spend alone in order to achieve self-growth,” she said, adding that “I wanted Reeminikin to be a joyful space, and people to be surrounded by beautiful things.”

To that end, and to stay true to Reeminikin’s original concept of making people happy, she uses light and pastel hues, as well as playful themes and designs.

She used to draw flowers, cats, and different items on her pieces. In her last collection, though, she created the collection with color blocks, without any drawings.

 “Discovering new things is self-development, and not changing is unusual,” she said, adding that she is working on developing the quality and techniques, as well as to know more about what she and her customers love.

(Photo: Handouts from Reem Alsmadi)

“The new mugs are more functional than the first ones,” she added.

Alsmadi turned her passion into a business. It is important to her to do something pleasant, instead of holding a full-time job doing something that she does not love.

She is aware that she needs to produce quality products to be sustainable, and that it is important to adopt consistency and discipline in her work.

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