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ARIES: Trust in a special someone and their thoughts could turn into expressions of love. A sudden obsession might become an ambush. Do not go to extremes to achieve material success by taking unnecessary risks.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You could have a big heart and an even bigger sense of fairness, and you may forgive someone for something unforgivable just to prove that point. Your love of excitement might need to detour around standing obligations.

GEMINI: What the mind can envision, the body can create. If you build a mental picture of a more abundant future, you could alter the outcome. This may be a wonderful time to share ideas and dreams with a trusted loved one.

CANCER: Roll up your sleeves and get the job done. You may be merely a small fish in a large pond, but you can contribute to everyone’s wellbeing. Sidestep any possible jealousy and remain generous towards others.

LEO: Do your best to avoid becoming entangled in meaningless confrontation. You may have the advantage if you can remain cool and undisturbed under aggravating circumstances. Follow the rules and seek the win-win.

VIRGO: Your loved ones may be in need of an outlet for their restless energies. Being active with friends can help burn off some steam. Even a walk around the park could be helpful for your mental and physical well-being.

LIBRA: It can feel safest or easiest to put everything on hold for a while if life throws you a curveball or two. You may have been facing more aggravation or push back for some time now. Do your best to keep your chin up and press on.

SCORPIO: There can be a competitive edge of rivalry in the air that could require more healthy outlets. Sports or races could make social outings into a game with acceptable rules. Avoid being trapped indoors in front of a screen.

Find something entertaining to do that can engage all your senses. Remember to learn the rules before you enter any type of contest. Your precision could make people appreciate your dedication to fairness.

CAPRICORN: The world can be more than just work and watching funny videos. You could take some classes or do some volunteer work. It may be time for you to escape a comfortable rut and find a new hobby to move your soul.

AQUARIUS: Squirrels hide away nuts for the approaching winter. Remain mindful about your budget because you may need the money you want to spend on something impulsive soon. There might be ways to turn mistakes to your advantage.

PISCES: You could be very meticulous about the details and come across as a critic. Rather than focusing on what may be wrong with something or someone, try finding something nice to say. Compliments are always free.

IF OCTOBER 7 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: This week could be the time to kickstart your plans or to enter into agreements as other people may be fairer about keeping their promises and more likely to grant favors. You might be riding high on a wave of inspiration and romantic daydreams in the upcoming month making this an enjoyable time for a vacation or creative endeavors. You can make improvements in your health and general well-being in November because you may have the foresight to make wise changes. Your direct approach and willingness to make executive decisions can place the spotlight on your leadership abilities in December, when much can be accomplished. Late January, when you could be more practical and realistic, might be the most favorable time to execute key business and financial strategies but give yourself room for improvement in early March when your judgment could be better.

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