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ARIES: When your bills are paid, you may feel free to make extravagant purchases, but it might be best to save up for items of higher quality. Capitalize on your good reputation to make forward progress but be careful not to overstep others' boundaries.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Enjoy an active social life while simultaneously focusing on achieving your fiscal dreams. You can find others may want to bring you back to reality so it would be best to keep large scale dreams or plans close to your chest for now.

GEMINI: Ideas that may have seemed feasible a few days ago could have more complications than expected. You might have more on your plate: look at plans with a more discerning eye. Taking a step back can help you reflect and find the best route.

An optimistic and enthusiastic mood can make anything seem possible. Review all the minute details with a partner or loved one and plan things carefully. This is not the time to trust in luck if you hope that important matters will succeed.

LEO: Appearances count so give your look a second glance. When you find yourself with a financial surplus, you could feel an impulse to spend. If you make a less sensible financial decision, think through a way you’ll be able to quickly recover.

VIRGO: Whenever you speak from the heart, you cannot go wrong. You might have insights to share that no one else has considered. Be sensitive to the opinions of other people even if they seem much too demanding or pessimistic.

LIBRA: Extra sympathy and understanding may be needed to keep things running smoothly. Do not forget to offer encouragement and to explain your plans in detail. Offering unconditional love and consistent displays of affection can help turn the tide.

SCORPIO: Strategize ways you can turn your good reputation into greater financial rewards. If you are willing to work hard, you can impress people with your integrity and may find making money can be a rewarding pastime.

SAGITTARIUS: Keep your ear to the ground. Someone might give you valuable input on how to enhance your public image or ideas to use to upgrade your reputation. Other people may inadvertently reveal their strategies and confidential information.

CAPRICORN: Address potential security issues that could impact your finances so you are not vulnerable to unwanted intrusions. This is not the time to borrow on credit or go on a spending spree that can create extra financial obligations.

AQUARIUS: Use more gentle methods instead of force. Inquiring minds are curious and want to know more. You may feel it necessary to ask more probing questions, but someone could feel you are asking for intel that is none of your business.

PISCES: Any unintentional evasiveness or refusal to be pinned down could be counterintuitive when business tactics are being discussed. You may spread yourself too thin when you would be better off spreading your enthusiasm on thick.

IF APRIL 2 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Because you are likely to be filled with confidence during the coming two to three weeks, you may want to jump ahead fearlessly, but you may misjudge your abilities. Wait until early May when you are more settled and astute to pursue your ambitions and make your dreams a reality. By June, you will be able to make constructive changes. Lay low in July when you could make errors of judgment and when you are easily infatuated or misled by appearances. Ambitions can take center stage in early September when you will be more focused on achieving success in the outer world and have the imagination and acuity to put profitable strategies into motion.

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