Jordanian musician uses ‘imagery’ to create music

Jordanian electronic musician Badr Alalami. (Photo: Handout from Badr Alalami)
Jordanian electronic musician Badr Alalami. (Photo: Handout from Badr Alalami)
AMMAN — When local electronic musician Badr Alalami writes music, he thinks of the song in terms of imagery rather than music.اضافة اعلان

“When someone hears Midnight Traffic, I want them to feel like they're in a spaceship or flying through the sky; as for Love Between Two Borders, it's a love story about a boy and a girl, who fell in love but couldn't be together for various reasons," Alalami, known by the stage name Frompedro, told Jordan News in a recent interview.

"My music inspiration started when I was a kid … Because I am from a musical family, mainly because my mother is a pianist, and she taught piano for many years,” Alalami said.

The first instrument he learned to play was the tambourine, and later learned to play the darbuka and the drums. The musician says he also received training in the fundamentals and philosophy of music.

The musician says that in the early days of his career, he was mostly influenced by Jordan’s alternative rock scene, and wanted to be a drummer, and even started his own rock band in school. But he later shifted towards electronic music, learned to play guitar and piano, and set up a small studio in his room.

“I'm only starting out in my artistic profession, but I hope to earn considerable money (from music) to live a respectable life in the future,” Alalami said.

Support for electronic musicians like him is limited, Alalami says which he believes is because "typically, the number of people who listen to this type of music are limited … and not everyone in our culture is aware of it."

"Right now, I'm looking for a music genre that people adore and that I love as well. … I'm working on electronic music as well as other types of music, such as pop, rock, and alternative to attract more listeners. But the most important thing is to do what I enjoy and deliver the type of music that people enjoy," the musician added.

Alalami believes that children should be taught to play at least one musical instrument.

"Learning to play musical instruments improves a child's personality and gives them a new skill, and it also serves as an advantage when applying to universities overseas, as most universities abroad offer scholarships to children who play musical instruments," he said.

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