XOXO Exhibition: Representing an artist’s journey with emotions

XOXO Exhibition at Q0DE Art Space. (Photos: Huda Dabeet/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The artist Mattar Odeh weaves themes of love, hatred, loss, sadness, and the complexities of human behavior in his XOXO solo exhibition at Q0de Artspace. Through these themes, he created an abstract realm that merges with realism as he places his emotions onto a canvas.اضافة اعلان

Q0De Artspace is located in Jabal Amman, and in his exhibition, Odeh displayed about 30 of his art pieces. The display was organized to provide a panoramic view of his artwork to portray development throughout life. One thing that was constant throughout the exhibition was abstractions as a reoccurring theme. 

The artist Mattar Odeh. (Photo: Handout from Mattar Odeh)

 Odeh has been painting since he was four years old. His mother was the one that introduced him to art, which later grew to be a passion, he told Jordan News, adding that his mother introduced him to pastels and watercolors, which allowed him to experiment in terms of colors. 

 Through abstractions, the artist explores contradictory themes in human nature, namely the human urge to complicate situations in their lives. 
XOXO, according to the artist, seeks to tell a story of love and aversion. “XOXO show’s simplicity, it is like the kiss and hugs at the end of the messages, but the concept is the disruption the XOXO can cause in the flow of things.” 

 The term ‘XOXO’ is commonly thought to represent hugs and kisses and is frequently placed as a signature at the end of text messages. It’s seen as an amicable means to communicate devotion, sincerity, or deep friendship. A kiss is represented by the X, while a hug is represented by the O.

XOXO Exhibition at Q0DE Art Space. (Photos: Huda Dabeet/Jordan News)

 The artist shared that he uses paint to express his emotions and thoughts. When emotion overtakes him, he creates paintings, each representing an emotion signed by his creativity, like XOXO.

Much like the XOXO, this signature can be sincere, or it can be out of habit; it can disrupt or create seriousness. In all cases, the artist uses these conflicting natures in his art.

 A ring, traveling, and an exit were all featured in his art. “All works of the current exhibition were painted during this year,” he said.

 The artist defined the exhibition as a “pack that represents his emotion, no more and no less.” He added that he had created XOXO to express and confront his feelings more, as he was thinking out loud about how to deal with them differently. 

XOXO Exhibition at Q0DE Art Space. (Photos: Huda Dabeet/Jordan News)

 Odeh’s main struggle in the last two years has been hiding and not facing his feelings. Therefore this exhibition was a way of expressing and revealing his feelings.

“It was very helpful to face my feelings through art and colors,” the artist recalled.

Specific repeated colors were chosen to allow the artist to create an escape from the rigid reality he felt confined in. However, the artist used vibrant colors, shapes, and lines to express his feelings.

 Odeh’s reality is translated through his creative activities. His detailed observations of scenes in his life, which he considered toxic, found their way onto his canvasses, which is why he presented his artwork in a way that resembled a storyboard.  

XOXO Exhibition at Q0DE Art Space. (Photos: Huda Dabeet/Jordan News)

“Working with Q0De Artspace is comfortable and smooth, and I trust working with Maral,” Odeh said.

Maral Tajirian, the managing director at Q0DE Artspace, told Jordan News that adding Odeh’s paintings allows the space to tell a series of short stories. Through these stories, viewers can gain insight into his personal feelings and situations.

XOXO Exhibition at Q0DE Art Space. (Photos: Huda Dabeet/Jordan News)

Q0DE Art Space is a Jordan-based gallery that works with some of the most outstanding emerging artists. It provides them with a platform to grow. Additionally, Odeh has participated in two group exhibitions including, On Paper and Q0DE Art Space.

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