Performer and multi-instrumentalist expresses himself through music

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Nairuz Ajlouni performs at the Amman Jazz Festival 2021. (Photo: Hiba Nabulsi)
AMMAN — “I always loved experimenting with music,” Nairuz Ajlouni told Jordan News. “I play many strings instruments like guitar, oud, cello, and base. I also play the piano and drums — I fell in love with music.”اضافة اعلان

Ajlouni is a multidisciplinary performer who found his passion for the performing arts, acting, and directing at a young age. His projects span several platforms across the entertainment field, including producing music, writing, and directing for theater.

“It was a very seamless approach for me; it was never forced, I feel like when you force these things it will become a chore, and music specifically shouldn’t become a chore. It should be automatic and autonomous; it will feel right and interesting in every way,” the 28-year-old artist explained.

Ajlouni started producing music in 2015 “when I started to learn how to move my acoustics into the digital realm,” he commented.

“It was all a learning progress that I got addicted to along the way; I have a lot of experience when it comes to music with a lot of different bands in Amman,” he said.

The artist comes from a theatrical background, since he studied performing arts, acting and directing, “I feel like making music and producing were always intertwined really with my theatre performances, or other people performances where I would create music for the scenes ‘scenic music’’ the artist added.

According to the musician, what made him want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry was the “validation and the rewarding feeling” he got from those closest to him. It’s a positive feedback loop, he explained.

But performing music is one thing, and creating it is a different kind of reward for the musician. “I have music in my head all the time and it felt amazing to have the ability to get the tunes out of my head and make them into something physical. All in all, it is a very fulfilling process,” he said. The artist highlighted that at times it felt like he could only express himself through music.

Ajlouni, whose music falls under the genre of “alternative music”, is currently working on his first solo debut, which includes some elements of pop music, among others. “During the pandemic, I started writing my solo project, it has growth and maturity in it. I am confident about it because I took my time writing the lyrics. I would say I am satisfied,” Ajlouni told Jordan News.

The musical catalogue comprises seven songs, which he describes as “very sentimental and personal”. In the songs he explores private and real-life stories of people he used to know.

“My vision and inspiration changed many times for the lyrics — I started including stories about my friends and those around me. I talk about loss, jealousy, the suspense of waiting for the unknown, uncertainty, and ideological development,” he explained.

The artist also spoke about how lyrics are very important to him. He chooses them carefully, he said, adding that “older people tend to listen more to lyrics; they care deeply about lyrics being meaningful. It is essential to them that the song means something,” he stressed.

“With this particular catalogue I’m being very eclectic about lyrics, the choice of words, and the purpose of the song. Essentially, I want all people to enjoy them lyrically and musically,” Ajlouni added.

Ajlouni has been teaching at three different schools since 2016. “I give drama and acting classes, in addition to a ‘triple threat’ program which includes acting, singing, and dancing,” he shared.

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