Zain Jordan goes Live with Eskadenia’s collection management suite

(Photo: Handout from Zain)
AMMAN — Eskadenia Software announced its new strategic collaboration with Zain Jordan, the first and a leading operator of mobile voice and data services in Jordan. Eskadenia is a leading provider of best-in-class business systems that accelerate digital transformation. اضافة اعلان

“Eskadenia Software is delighted to be the supplier of choice for Zain Jordan in the areas of dunning, collection, and legal staff management,” said Nael Salah, founder managing director of Eskadenia Software.

“The system has been thoroughly integrated with all needed existing Telecom systems to provide completely automated and seamless processes. We are glad for the amazing cooperation with the very competent Zain Jordan IT staff to deliver the project exactly on time and with a high level of product quality and stability,” Salah said.

The software company provided Zain Jordan with its all-inclusive and feature-rich telecom collection management suite, “ESKA Collections”, a comprehensive suite for managing debt collection processes through advanced functionalities covering all stages of dunning and collection management. 

The suite consists of three main fully integrated systems: ESKA Dunning and Collection, ESKA Dispute Manager, and ESKA Legal. Collectively, these systems work seamlessly together to administer, orchestrate, and monitor the various processes in the different areas of collections management, from dunning and dispute management to bad debt tracking and legal matter management. 

Utilizing an agile approach, the systems were deployed incrementally in phases where Zain Jordan started to reap the benefits of the systems as soon as the first phase of the project was delivered. The final phase was finalized last month, and the major telecom provider is now enjoying the full range of benefits this software suite provides. This great success was due to the dedicated work and collaboration of the mutual project team made up of professionals from both, Zain Jordan, and Eskadenia Software.  

By deploying ESKA Collections, Zain Jordan is boosting its capabilities to handle hundreds of thousands of daily transactions efficiently and timely. Implementing ESKA Collections will further enable Zain Jordan to significantly transform and enhance its daily operations, customer interactions, response time, and financial processes. 

This step comes as part of Zain’s strategy to digitize and automate all its services and operations to maximize the use of resources to complete a process in a timely and efficient way, which will reflect positively on performance and contribute bes results. 

This major joint project demonstrates the determination of both parties to set a leading example in digitalizing business processes and optimizing work routines in the Telecom industry, and to utilize technological innovations to improve business and revenue.

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