World Bank financed Jordan gov’t projects with $142.5m year-to-date

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AMMAN — Since the beginning of the current year, the World Bank has provided Jordan with $142.5 million for four government projects and vital programs in several sectors, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

According to World Bank data, the funds were transferred to accounts for the government’s emergency cash transfer program for families and workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the National Employment Program, the “Agriculture Resilience, Value Chain Development, and Innovation (ARDI)” program, and the Kingdom’s Emergency Health Project.

Cash support for 378,500 familiesThis year, the bank has transferred $112 million for the cash transfer program, which is implemented by the National Aid Fund in cooperation with the bank, bringing the total disbursement to more than $558 million, or 55 percent of the total project value of nearly one billion dollars.

Through last December, the program had provided 378,510 families with cash support out of the 400,000 families targeted under the project.

Meanwhile, the number of workers benefiting from the wage subsidy reached 109,327 out of 110,000 beneficiaries working in the formal economy in the companies most affected by the pandemic, 47 percent of them women.

21,000 private sector workersIn February, the World Bank transferred $4.47 million to Jordan to finance part of the National Employment Program to stimulate employment and skills development in the private sector.

A total of 21,110 program beneficiaries signed work contracts with private sector establishments, which numbered 972 establishments.

Climate financing for 30,000 farming familiesAs for the ARDI program, the Bank transferred $23.64 million in January.

The project, which was approved in September 2022, aims to promote the development of the Kingdom’s agricultural sector by improving its resilience to climate change, increasing competitiveness and inclusiveness, and ensuring food security in the medium to long term, in line with the National Plan for Sustainable Agriculture and the Economic Modernization Vision.

The project is scheduled to provide financing during the project implementation period 2022–2027 for about 30,000 farming families to adopt climate-friendly and water-saving agricultural practices, and a training program designed according to the needs of the agricultural sector, in addition to creating about 12,000 job opportunities for the people of Jordan, especially women and youth.

$2 million in emergency healthcare supportIn addition, in January, the bank transferred $2 million to the Emergency Health Project, funded for the benefit of the Ministry of Health, which provides support for more than 4.9 million primary and secondary healthcare services in health facilities.

The Emergency Health Project, with a total funding amount of $177.2 million (co-financed by the Global Concessional Financing Facility with a total of $72.80 million), aims to continue the provision of healthcare services in primary and secondary health care facilities of the Ministry of Health.

The project also aims to improve the coverage and quality of primary healthcare services by strengthening the health system in priority areas such as people-centered service delivery.

Uninsured Jordanians and registered Syrian refugees will benefit from the health services provided in more than 700 health centers and hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health across Jordan.

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