EMV implementation program outlines targets for key economic indicators

(Photo: Royal Court)
AMMAN — The government has set targets to achieve sustainable economic growth by 2025, according to the Economic Modernization Vision (EMV) implementation program, Al-Mamlaka TV reported. اضافة اعلان

The program outlines a plan to maintain financial reforms by reducing the deficit, limiting the growth of public debt, and increasing levels of local and foreign private direct investment.

Decrease in inflationThe program targets a decrease in inflation from 3.8 percent in the current year to 2.5 percent by 2025, and an increase in the per capita share of GDP from JD3,579 to JD3,982 in 2025.

In addition, it aims to achieve sustainable export growth in the coming years and maintain capital expenditure levels for the next three years.

Maintain stabilityThe program also aims to maintain financial and monetary stability and comfortable levels of foreign reserves at the Central Bank of Jordan.

The program's macroeconomic framework assumptions for 2023–2025 also address the continued presence of Syrian refugees, which is a long-term, rather than temporary, phenomenon.

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