Chemisty: How a journey to find one’s own space gave others one too

(Photos: Chemisty’s Facebook account)
AMMAN — Comfy seating, relaxed environments, and creative spaces all in one place are what define Chemisty.

Yazan Hussein, cofounder and owner of Chemisty, has experience in human resources, research, and studies, and he established himself in the Middle East for his work and research in the field of physiognomy.اضافة اعلان

In 2008, he began conducting research and studies on physiognomy, and in 2010 founded a training and consulting center, Farasetna. There, he created learning material for more than 50 different training programs based on physiognomy and exploring the human psyche, he explained.

Hussein was doing training sessions and meetings in hotel halls and public places, and Chemisty was born out of a need for a space. He told Jordan News that the idea was to create a place to host meetings, workshops, or gatherings.

Hussein added that it took a long time to complete his vision for Chemisty, explaining that the interior design and finalizations took over a year and a half. He hoped to create a space that fostered productivity and creativity.

Chemisty is a portmanteau of “chemistry” and “mystery”, Hussein highlighted. Its mission is to offer learning opportunities to professionals, adding that “Chemisty has become a meeting spot for businesspeople.”

(Photos: Chemisty’s Facebook account)

The owner explained that Chemisty comprises several areas, including a workspace, coffee bar, cafe, conference and meeting rooms, training rooms, study spaces, and classrooms, Furthermore they offer furnished offices for start-ups, booths to hold phone calls, therapy and group areas, and outdoor activity areas, among others.

“Our business lounge is a cafe with a business theme, and can host almost 150 people. Sometimes it’s used for launching an event or initiative, and most of the time the cafe is used for working,” Hussein said, adding that all Chemisty’s departments are designed in a comfortable way for businesses and start-ups. It also offers training and consultancy, catering, branding, and marketing services.

“Chemisty is an advanced creative space that has a comfortable atmosphere and gives a unique theme to the meetings and training that take place in it,” the owner mentioned, adding that Chemisty’s true worth is determined by the activities that take place there.

(Photos: Chemisty’s Facebook account)

Hussein said that Chemisty attempts to introduce new ways of thinking as well as develop skills and talents to cope with the world’s changing and difficult needs, covering all parts of practical knowledge.

Renad Fallaha, a long-time Chemisty patron, told Jordan News that she feels at home there. “It’s inviting and welcoming,” she said, adding that she first started visiting when she took physiognomy classes with Hussein in 2016.
A self-described “empowerment coach”, Randa Abedalaziz, who works out of Chemisty’s meeting rooms, said it was a “pleasant” place and that she appreciated the support staff.

She started her collaboration with Chemisty four years ago, when she began offering one-on-one coaching and therapy services there almost daily, she explained.

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