37.8% see positive shift in Jordan’s economic reform

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AMMAN — According to the Jordanian Strategies Forum's report, 37.8 percent of the surveyed individuals observed a positive shift in their perception of the economic reform vision. In contrast, 17.7 percent noted a negative change, while 24.8 percent reported no discernible alterations.اضافة اعلان

The forum further highlighted that, as per the survey findings, the positive changes in the economic reform vision were most evident in the following areas: Jordan's standing as a global destination (64.5 percent) future-oriented services (50.0 percent) entrepreneurship and innovation (38.3 percent) sustainable resources (33.8 percent) high-value industries (29.4 percent) sustainable environmental practices (28.8 percent), and overall quality of life (26.5 percent), Ammon News reported.

Moreover, a noteworthy 76 percent of investors believe that the private sector has a vital role to play in realizing the goals of the economic reform vision.

This role encompasses investment in both existing and new projects, the creation of employment opportunities for Jordanians, the execution of partnership initiatives, active participation in policy and legislative development, as well as the outsourcing of government services to the private sector.

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