Government measures to help retail and wholesale sectors cope with price rises

Abdali Mall Amman (Photo: Pixabay)
AMMAN — The government announced a set of measures Monday to help the commercial sector overcome hard economic times and the incredible levels of inflation.اضافة اعلان

These measures include raising the level of financing provided by local banks to the commercial sector, from JD350,000 to JD600,000 for wholesalers, and from JD175,000 to JD200,000 for retailers, and extending this measure until June 2022, according to Al Ghad.

The measures also include facilitating clearance procedures by increasing official working hours, and working during official holidays, as well as reducing examination fees, permits, and financial allowances charged by Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, as well as unifying the bodies that grant the necessary approvals for the entry of goods after inspection.

Merchants called on the government to reduce the sales tax on food and basic commodities because the wave of inflation that the world is suffering from is not like any other regular inflation wave.

They said that the government's measures would enhance the Kingdom's supplies of Basic necessities, but would not prevent the rise in prices on the local market, which witnessed an increase in global markets by rates ranging from 20 to 100 percent.

Tamim Al-Qasrawi, secretary general of the Amman Chamber of Industry, said that the measures taken by the government are very important and will enable traders and manufacturers to enhance the Kingdom's supplies of various foodstuffs and basic necessities.

Qasrawi said that global markets are witnessing a significant increases in the process of basic necessities, reaching 100 percent for some types such as processed meat, milk, oils, and some types of legumes, in addition to the rise in freight charges and other production inputs.

Qasrawi said that the situation on the local market in terms of the availability of food commodities is good, as current stockpiles will last from three to six months.

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