Famekey: One of Jordan’s first online shops shares secrets to success

A screenshot of the Famekey website on a cellphone. (Photo: Jordan News)
A screenshot of the Famekey website on a cellphone. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — “If you have something unique, money is never a problem,” Saleen Ghanimeh, owner and co-founder of online shop Famekey, said.اضافة اعلان

Strated by Ghanimeh and Mohanad Al-Disi in 2016, the shop was one of the first online shops in Jordan. “We started it when people in Jordan were still afraid of the concept of online shopping,” Ghanimeh told Jordan News in a recent interview.

Disi and Ghanimeh started their business on a very low budget and had to take some losses at first.

“Sometimes we didn’t have money to complete the orders that were already made on the website, because the orders were delivered late, and sometimes the order did not match with the picture,” Chanimeh told Jordan News.

But their paid off eventually, the co-founder noted.

“We were the first to bring unique clothing items at a very low price in Jordan, we sold a lot at that time, where we had the push that we needed,” Ghanimeh recalled. “Also, during this time, we were gaining more experience, and contacting new suppliers”. 

In order to expand and gain publicity, the shopsponsored some local TV presenters and bloggers with full outfits, she added.

The key to the partners' success is how they “share responsibilities,” according to Ghanimeh, with Disi handling the financial side of the operation, while Ghanimeh is responsible for the item’s quality.

“I would pick the items based on how they look and their quality, while Mohanad was managing the whole financial situation, and we have expanded our team so we can manage the orders that we get, but mostly our team is from our friend's circle,” Ghanimeh explained.

In 2021 a website was launched for the shop, which resulted in a leap in the way the shop was run. They were no longer ordering items upon the customer's order, but they started stocking the items before selling them.

Ghanimeh stressed that she cares a lot about the quality of the items that she sells.

“People think that I get my items from other websites, which isn’t true, I get them from suppliers to ensure the quality of the items that I sell, I might sell an item that is similar to what is on another website, but I am sure that the difference is in the quality,” she added.

As a piece of advice to people who aim to start their online shops, Ghanimeh says “you should be sure that you will be able to get some unique items, because the competition is not easy anymore with the number of online shops that we have now.”

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