Better Business: First company in Jordan to deliver International AI driving licenses

(Photo: Handout from Better Business)
(Photo: Handout from Better Business)
AMMAN, JORDAN — Better Business, a Jordanian management consulting firm specializing in capacity building and human capital development, recently received the International AI Driving License (IAIDL) and is now the first company in Jordan to be recognized as a fully-accredited center to assess, build, and certify competency in the use of artificial intelligence and future management tools. اضافة اعلان

With its United Arab Emirates-based partner, ITI Group, Better Business with the IAIDL is now an official certification center with market-pioneering practices where companies and individuals can go to learn, receive training and achieve globally recognized certificates on artificial intelligence and future management tools in line with international standards based on the Global AI Index and in compliance with UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, the IAIDL gives Better Business the capability to run AI Maturity Assessment (AIMA) which is an important tool to help organizations measure their readiness to integrate AI and future management tools within their operations and support them to set up an implementation strategy.

Founder and CEO of Better Business, Abeer Qumsieh, commented about receiving the IAIDL, “Becoming the first fully-accredited certification center is a major achievement for the Jordanian market because it is an important step toward giving our country’s human capital access to globally-recognized training programs in the fields of AI and future management tools.”

Qumsieh explained, “Jordan is positioning itself as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship and in order to become a truly globally-competitive player, we need to build our workforce’s capacity to be able to take on future market demands which will heavily rely on artificial intelligence and emerging technologies that will require future management tools.”

Qumsieh concluded, “Training and certification in AI and future management tools will accelerate the implementation of solutions that can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, support governments to smoothly and intelligently implement their digital transformation as well as assist people to find jobs in fast-growing fields or rise in their current career path. The application of these programs and knowledge is a major step toward creating an empowered, knowledgeable workforce that ultimately creates a competitive and sustainable economy.”

Better Business has served over 500 clients in the public and private sectors with innovative capacity building programs. Better Business was the first company in Jordan to adopt online training and team-building activities during the pandemic, giving it early experience and the infrastructure to run fully virtual programs. This focus and investment in technology has paved the way for the IAIDL along with Better Business’ expert team of trainers and facilitators.

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