Women’s Empowerment, Jordan’s Centennial named best digital campaigns in 2021

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN - The World Social Media Forum (WSF), Jordan’s most influential gathering of digital media professionals, awarded strategic communications agency, Advvise, two awards for effective campaigning. The winning campaigns, designed and launched by Advvise, were credited for their effective use of storytelling techniques, campaigning for change, and creative use of new technology.اضافة اعلان

Held under the patronage of HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, the 6th edition of the World Social Media Forum brought together government officials, TV celebrities, senior executives, renowned social media influencers and more than 300 representatives from the media and communications sector.

"We were honored that our campaigns have been chosen, particularly given the competitive nature of the landscape digital media landscape," commented Suzanne Afanah, Advvise founding partner, who was presented the awards during a special ceremony. "Our team strives to push the boundaries of creative communications by using every single tool at our disposal and consistently striving to create new experiences."

The first of the winning campaigns, designed and implemented by Advvise for UN Women, leveraged the power of social media to tackle a crucial subject: women’s equal representation in the workforce, specifically in the peacekeeping and security sectors. The campaign amassed millions of views by using compelling narratives that focused on the immense contribution of women at work, including the many women working on the frontlines of Jordan’s COVID-19 response.

"Working on the campaign was an incredibly rewarding experience as it helped us further understand the critical role played by women in peace and security and the importance of collectively campaigning for an equitable workforce," added Afanah.

The second campaign demonstrated the sheer impact of using new technologies to make the experience a central focus of the message. Developed by Advvise on behalf Housing Bank, the campaign highlighted the bank’s participation in Jordan’s centennial celebrations, featuring an augmented reality presentation that took viewers through the rich historical and cultural heritage of Jordan.

Afanah noted that, during both campaigns, the key priority was to find the right tools to tell the right story for the client and to make sure that the message is being delivered with as much impact as possible. She also stressed the importance of giving audiences a sense of added value simply by the act of experiencing a campaign, which requires forming a deeper understanding of both people and the tools they use on a daily basis.

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