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Vets ask gov't to collect 'slaughter tax' from farmers

veterinarian dog
(Photo: Unsplash)
AMMAN — The Jordanian Veterinarians Association has requested permission from the government to collect five piasters for each bird or animal slaughtered, allowing it to fund its imports.اضافة اعلان

Aqrabawi told Al-Ghad news yesterday, that the plan is to collect one or two piasters for each bird slaughtered in private poultry slaughterhouses, or five piasters for each animal slaughtered at such facilities, which is a small sum, but will go towards reversing a drop in the association’s imports.

He said that other unions deduct sums from their members’ work, such as the collected sum from lawyers, for cases closed in court, or the lump sum for every engineering blueprint at the Engineers Association.

He pointed out that although the minister of agriculture is concerned with implementing legislation on the practice of veterinary medicine, the ministry has only few staff members to do so.

He also emphasized the need to protect the profession from imposters who work as veterinarians, despite lacking the qualifications.

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