US embassy, EU observe World Press Freedom Day

US embassy
(File photo: Jordan News)
Press Release — The US embassy and the EU Delegation to Jordan  held  a joint  event in Amman to observe World Press Freedom day and raise awareness of the importance of freedom of opinion and expression. اضافة اعلان

According to a press statement, the event was attended by leading Jordanian journalists, academics, and media students.

During the event, US Counsellor for Public Affairs Stefanie Altman-Winans and Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Jordan Angela Martini emphasized the importance of freedom of the press as a key component of democratic governance. By encouraging a free press, citizens are more informed, active, and engaged in political decision-making, and can better hold their governments accountable, they stressed.

“On the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day, we renew our commitment to promoting and protecting a free press, which is an essential pillar of democracy. We stand firm in support for this critical pillar of civil society that is shared with the EU and worldwide” said the Altman-Winans.

For her part, the deputy head of the EU delegation noted: “Just by taking a look around us, we realize that freedom of the press and freedom of expression are under threat in many parts of the world. We reaffirm that the freedom of the press is a cornerstone of democracy and a fundamental right that needs to be protected, and that journalists should be able to carry out their work without fear of persecution or intimidation.”

The event provided an opportunity for the participants to discuss the challenges facing the media today, especially as freedom of expression is increasingly undermined by state and non-state interference around the world.

World Press Freedom Day — a day to reflect on the critical role of a free press in a democracy, recognizes the extraordinary reporting in places of armed conflict like Ukraine, Sudan, and Afghanistan.

It acknowledges the sacrifices that media workers make risking their lives to bring truth to their audiences to help inform the public.

“Since 1993, World Press Freedom Day has been marked on May 3, and that’s a chance for us to reaffirm the sacred principle that information is a public good, and that people have a right to know the truth about the leaders, events, and policies that shape their lives.  And the journalists who bring them that information often do it at great risk to themselves,” Altman-Winans said.

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