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UK Embassy, WADI partner to clean forest in Al-Salt

UK Embassy, WADI partner to clean forest in Al-Salt
(Photo: British Embassy)
AMMAN — On the occasion of World Cleanup Day, the staff of the British Embassy in Amman partnered with WADI for Sustainable Ecosystem Development, and Ahel El-Balad Association, to clean a forest site in Al-Salt Governorate.اضافة اعلان

The activity coincided with the global call for action “Let’s Do It Movement”, which aims at cleaning litter in urban areas and community dwellings in more than 190 countries.  In Jordan, the clean-up event took place in Salt governorate, where WADI hosts a nursery for the propagation of native seedlings to support ecosystem restoration.

Official statements
Helen Fazey, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy, said: “We are pleased to clean up this area with the local community as they take pride and ownership. Having enjoyable and accessible public spaces is an undeniable right as much as it is our collective responsibility”.

Tariq Abu Taleb, WADI Executive director, said: “Littering and debris lead to the degradation of natural sites, including forests. Plastic waste is harmful to the soil and ecosystem, and can have long-lasting effects on wildlife and human life”.

Also, Mohammad Asfour, Ahel El Balad Co-Founder stated: “It's important to stay positive, live a green and sustainable life, and believe that even small changes can make a difference while being friendly to the environment and people.”

“This day helped British Embassy staff and their families understand the tremendous work that community-based organizations are leading to make Jordan greener, cleaner and more resilient”, concluded Widad Menjra, Climate Lead at the British Embassy Amman. 

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