Safadi says International stance on Israel is shifting

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMANMinister of Foreign Affairs, Ayman Safadi, said the international stance on the occupation had changed significantly since October 7, influenced by the ugliness and horror of the Israeli crimes and the successful diplomacy by Jordan and other Arab nations.  اضافة اعلان

 “What Jordan is doing harms Israel and exposes the futility of its narrative,” said during his talk on "The Voice of the Kingdom" program.

“The international stance has changed significantly, influenced by the ugliness and horror of Israeli crime… but has not yet reached the point we desire.” 

Safadi said coordination with Arab countries at this stage was at “its best,” and reiterated the Kingdom's rejection of discussions suggesting sending an Arab force to Gaza and the splitting of the Palestinian territories. 

"The world has received Jordan's messages, and it's starting to understand the dangers of Israel's actions. What Jordan says is the truth, describing the situation as it is,” he said.

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