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Ministry busts mall for refusing to sell chicken

raw whole chicken with lettuce peppers spices tomatoes wooden plate
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AMMAN — A team from the Ministry of Industry and Trade busted one of the major malls in Amman for refusing to sell chicken despite its availability, bringing the number of violating malls to three in just two days. اضافة اعلان

The market control teams have taken swift action to ensure compliance with the law, and violations will be referred to the judiciary, a local media outlet reported.

571 violations recorded since beginning of RamadanAccording to a local media outlet, the ministry has recorded a total of 571 violations since the beginning of Ramadan. This includes 106 violations for not complying with price ceilings and two violations for refusing to sell essential goods.

On Friday, the ministry announced that there was a clear shortage of fresh chicken during the morning hours. This prompted the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, and the Minister of Labor, Youssef Al-Shamali, to intensify control campaigns to ensure that the market remains fair for all.

They have also warned that if the shortage continues, price ceilings of 190 piasters will be set for chicken sold to restaurants and hotels.

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