MPs direct 13 querries to gov’t in oversight session

MPs are seen under the Dome during a session lower house
MPs are seen under the Dome during a session on April 22, 2021. (Photo: Petra)
AMMAN — Lower House held its 18th oversight session on Monday, during which ministers responded to 13 questions raised by MPs.

MP Muhammad Al-Shatnawi raised the issue of Ramtha’s King Abdullah University Hospital, which he noted is facing a serious financial strain, with a deficit between JD80 million and JD100 million. He further urged the government to pay at least a portion of the huge amount as soon as possible because the hospital is in a “state of suffering”.اضافة اعلان

MP Aref Al-Saidah decided to postpone the discussion of his question, upon a request from the government, regarding corruption cases referred to the judiciary in 2020, the response to which was four cases, from which a total amount of JD887,185 was recovered.

MP Al-Armouti directed his query to the Minister of Awqafand Islamic Affairs, regarding why the ministry have not been following up on the appointment of Sharia graduates in since 2017.

In response, the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Muhammad Al-Khalayleh said that 72 imams have been employed through Civil Service Bureau since 2017, noting that there is a problem in finding employment for people in various sectors during the pandemic, and that once sectors begin reopening, there will be many vacancies filled by these graduates.

For his part, MP Farid Haddad also raised questions to the Ministry of Health about the reason for the cancellation of Prince Hamzah Hospital’s accreditation as a teaching hospital for the Hashemite University’s Faculty of Medicine, as well as the steps and precautionary measures taken by the Ministry in hospitals following the tragedy at Salt Public Hospital, in which seven COVID-19 patients died due to an oxygen outage.

In response, the Minister of Health stated that there certain measures and procedures have been taken by the ministry to prevent such tragedies, noting that the ministry will share these measures with the Deputy.

Meanwhile, Deputy Abdulkarim Al-Dughmi criticized the government’s move of purchasing water from Israel, “instead of buying water from an Arab country.”

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