Livestock breeders in Jordan threaten protest as 350,000 sheep await export

Sheeps sheep
(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Livestock breeders in Jordan are on the verge of staging a protest, driven by the re-closure of sheep exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The exports were briefly opened for a single day, leaving breeders questioning the motives behind the renewed closure, according to a local media outlet.اضافة اعلان

Breeders expressed their frustration, highlighting the adverse consequences caused by the decision to halt exports. The surge in feed prices and overall costs has dealt a significant blow to their interests, the said. Moreover, this delay has imposed additional financial burdens on the breeders.

Husseni Al-Hamaydeh, one of the affected breeders, outlined the major challenges faced by the sector: the inability to afford feed for the livestock and provide them with sustenance and Romanian sheep products have flooded the Jordanian market.

Re-opening export channelsHamaydeh demanded urgent intervention from the relevant authorities. He called for the reopening of the export channels or finding alternative solutions, such as absorbing the vast quantity of approximately 350,000 sheep into the Jordanian market. The fate of these sheep hangs in the balance as they await exportation.

With frustration mounting over the failure to address the export issue, the breeders announced their intention to stage a protest in front of the Ministry of Agriculture Sunday.

Hamaydeh, speaking on behalf of the aggrieved breeders, expressed their disappointment in the lack of resolutions thus far.

The group emphasized the urgency of finding viable solutions for this sizable group cannot be understated. With nearly half a million at stake, maintaining the current situation would inflict significant financial burdens, they added. 

It is worth noting that even the least expensive sheep carries a price tag of approximately JD220, they said.

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