Jordan hosts regional workshop on pesticide management

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Jordan hosted a regional workshop on the proper management of pesticides in the MENA region, with the participation of 12 regional countries, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

Monday’s workshop was organized by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in cooperation with the Jordan Ministry of Agriculture.

Pesticides play an important role in agriculture, food security, and improving farmers’ livelihoods, an FAO representative said. However, the negative effects of pesticides on the environment, non-targeted organisms, and human health are often much greater than the benefits of using them.

Growing international concerns about the hazardous impact of pesticides on human health and the environment have led many stakeholders to begin addressing this problem, he added.

The workshop aimed to enhance participants’ capacities in terms of pesticide registration, sharing information and experience on pesticides, identifying gaps and needs for updating the legal framework and institutional capacities, determining priorities, and developing proposals for enhancing pesticide management in the region, according to the FAO representative.

Several national authorities in the MENA region face serious challenges that impede the effectiveness of the pesticide registration system. These include insufficient staffing, lack of an adequate registration system, limited expertise, lack of risk assessment measures, and limited access to information, all making pesticide registration difficult, if not impossible, he said.

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