Jordan at risk of light- to medium-impact earthquakes, says NCSCM

seismograph earthquake
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AMMAN — The National Centerfor Security and Crisis Management (NCSCM) said that Jordan is at risk of light- to medium-impact earthquakes, according to Ammon News. اضافة اعلان

Ahmed Al-Naimat, the media spokesperson for NCSCM, emphasized the increasing frequency of natural disasters can be tied to climate change and noted that Jordan had developed a national strategy for disaster risk reduction.

"The danger of earthquakes exists in the Kingdom," he said, adding that this is supported by historical evidence, rock databases, and scientific studies conducted by the International Seismological Observatory. 

The Arab Plate, located in the Rift Valley, has been confirmed to move along with the African-Palestinian Plate, he said. 

Mitigating the risksIn an effort to mitigate the risks of earthquakes, Naimat stressed the importance of establishing a culture of crisis management in schools and universities. He added that the national strategy is not limited to security services and the Jordanian Armed Forces-Arab Army, but involves the participation of independent agencies, the private sector, and trade unions.

The NCSCM, he said, in partnership with 64 official and private entities, launched the National Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction in 2019. 

The strategy includes a general framework, agreement on national priorities for risks, and work mechanisms. This initiative is in line with the UNDP and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, which emphasize the need for national efforts to reduce disaster risks.

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