Iraq President meets Iraqi community in Jordan

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Amman - Iraq President Abdul Latif Rashid lauded the deep-rooted ties between Jordan and Iraq, and expressed keenness to continue developing them to serve both countries.اضافة اعلان

During a meeting with the Iraqi community in Jordan on Monday, Rashid commended His Majesty King Abdullah's efforts to bolster relations with Iraq and contribute to the mutual advancement of the two countries.

The Iraqi president said that his visit to Jordan came amid the difficult stages the region is going through as a result of the brutal aggression against Palestine, stressing his full support for the Palestinian people in all fields and their right to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Rashid voiced his rejection of the barbaric aggression against the Palestinian people by the occupation, the killing of children and women, and the destruction of infrastructure, hospitals, schools, and universities.

He added that Iraq focuses on its stability through its friendship with all countries of the region and the world and maintaining internal security and stability through the imposition of security, to enable the Iraqi people to enjoy security and stability in their country, after going through difficult and long stages of instability due to internal and regional conflicts since the 1970s, pointing out that the main goal is to stabilize security and stability in Iraq.

Rashid pointed out that Iraq is strong in its sects, religions, and economy, as it is one of the richest countries in the Middle East and has the longest history in the world.

The Iraqi president praised the strength, durability, and seriousness of Iraq's relations with neighboring countries and the world, focusing on enhancing agricultural and environmental services. This can only be achieved with a strong administration to properly exploit all of Iraq's resources.

He noted that there are mega projects in Iraq represented by "the railroad, the expansion of the port, and the transportation of oil abroad."

He added that a committee has been formed between Iraq and Turkey on the one hand, and Iraq and Iran on the other, to discuss the repeated violations and develop appropriate solutions to stop them.

Iraqi Minister of Trade and Industry, Khaled Battal presented key trade cooperation relations with Jordan, represented by "the establishment of an economic and free city between the two countries," which was introduced since 2019, pointing out that his country has started the final procedures, and two weeks ago the tender was awarded to an Iraqi company to start work, which is built on 4,000 dunums from the Iraqi side, and 1,000 dunums from Jordan, as the first major cooperation between the two countries.

He said that an oil pipeline was constructed, the first part connecting Basra to Haditha, and the second part connecting Haditha to the port of Aqaba, with an estimated capacity of two million barrels, lauding the great cooperation with the Jordan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and work is underway to establish a Jordanian chamber in Iraq.

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