IAF condemns Israel's decision to strip citizenship from convicted terrorists

Islamic Action Front IAF
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Islamic Action Front (IAF) has strongly condemned the Israeli Knesset's decision to approve a draft law that allows the revocation of Arab Israeli citizens' citizenship if they are convicted of terrorism and have received funding from the Palestinian Authority (PA) or an associated organization. اضافة اعلان

The IAF has criticized the decision as part of the Israeli policy of "apartheid and ethnic displacement" against Palestinians, Jo24 reported.

Israel expanded Wednesday its policy of stripping citizenship over "terrorism" offenses, with parliament announcing lawmakers had passed legislation targeting those who receive funds from the Palestinian Authority.

The bill, which passed with 94 votes in favor and 10 against in the Knesset, also paves the way for Israel to expel people from the country or annexed east Jerusalem, France 24 reported.

A rights group said the move was "in violation of international law", while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed it on Twitter as "our answer to terrorism".

A statement from parliament said lawmakers had approved "the revocation of citizenship or residency of a terrorist operative who receives compensation (from the PA) for committing an act of terrorism".

The PA gives stipends to numerous families of prisoners, or detainees themselves, including those convicted of killing Israelis.

‘Criminal mentality’"This decision confirms the criminal mentality of the Zionist entity and the ethnic cleansing plans that it systematically practices against the Palestinians. It is a systematic policy to expel Palestinian citizens, especially the residents of Jerusalem and the 1948 occupied territories, and to empty it from its original inhabitants, as part of the ‘silent transfer’ approach,” the IAF said.

The IAF also stated that such practices would not deter Palestinian people from their resistance against "the crimes committed by the occupation against the land, the people, and the holy sites". The party called on the international community to take action to reject this decision, which violates international laws and conventions that guarantee the right to resist the occupation.

The IAF further affirmed the Jordanian people's position in supporting the Palestinian people's steadfastness, and their resistance to the occupation.

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