Hundreds protest the cybercrime draft law, call for the Gov’t to resign

Hundreds protest the cybercrime draft law, call for the Gov’t to resign
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AMMAN — Hundreds of activists participated in a protest outside parliament, Tuesday, demanded the cancellation of the current cybercrime draft law currently going through legislature. اضافة اعلان

The protest was organized by the so-called Coordinating Committee, calling for the withdrawal of the law by the House of Representatives. Protestors, which included civil society organizations and political parties criticized the stance of parliament on freedoms of expression, Jo24 News reported.

The organizers have also announced a popular march that will start after the Friday noon prayers in front of Al-Husseini Mosque in the downtown area. These protesters are demanding the departure of the House of Representatives and the government.

Official stancesSecretary-general of the Islamic Action Front, Murad Al-Adaileh, said the draft cybercrime law violates the citizen's basic right to freedom of expression and opinion, immunizes officials, and contradicts official talk about moving towards political reform.

Secretary-general of the Workers' Party, Rula Al-Hroub, sees the draft law as violating freedoms and the rights of citizens guaranteed by the constitution.

On the other hand, secretary-general of the Partnership and Rescue Party, Salem Al-Falahat, criticized the position of the Lower House deputies expressed by the head of the Legal Committee in Parliament, saying he appeared to defend the law as if he was a representative of the government and not the people.

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