Health Ministry Revokes 2024 Medical Wage Tariff

Health Ministry Revokes 2024 Medical Wage Tariff
Amman - Minister of Health Firas Hawari said that the ministry’s decision to cancel the 2024 medical wage tariff regulation and revert to the 2008 regulation was made to protect citizens' interests and ensure "health security."اضافة اعلان

The ministry had discovered errors in the new regulations that included provisions different from those agreed upon with the Jordan Medical Association, such as a 100 percent wage increase for general doctors and a 50 percent increase for specialist doctors. Consequently, the ministry reverted to the 2008 regulations until a new agreement could be reached. This new agreement proposes a gradual 20 percent increase in doctors’ wages over three years.

Hawari, speaking at the Government Communication Forum organized by the Ministry of Government Communications on Tuesday, with the presence of the Minister of Government Communications and government spokesperson, Muhannad Mubaidin, highlighted that the medical wage tariff crisis began a year ago when the Jordan Medical Association proposed a new wage regulation.

Hawari explained that the high costs to citizens under the new regulations, published in the Official Gazette, prompted their cancelation. The ministry formed a committee of specialists to reconcile differences and develop a consensus that satisfies citizens while ensuring doctors and medical workers receive their rightful compensation. The committee agreed on the necessity of a gradual plan to establish a reasonable regulation that meets everyone’s needs.

Hawari noted that the ministry contacted the Jordan Medical Association to proceed with the new regulation as per the original agreement, intending to have it approved and published in the Official Gazette. The ministry, he pointed out, remains open to further negotiations, although this may take several months, potentially burdening citizens financially in the interim.

He called for a mechanism to review and rectify the errors, emphasizing that the ministry does not seek conflicts with any party, prioritizing citizens' interests and health over financial concerns.

He emphasized that doctors, who have dedicated and sacrificed much in their field, deserve to have their opinions considered and their wages adjusted accordingly, saying that the government highly values the health sector and its workers.

Hawari assured that the ministry will monitor violations through licensing systems for medical clinics and private hospitals, and through citizen complaints regarding overcharging in private clinics or hospitals.

He also revealed that the government has started discussions on a plan for comprehensive health coverage through primary healthcare, aiming to protect citizens' health and provide alternative medical options.

Mubaidin stated that the government appreciates the ethical role of doctors in considering citizens' economic conditions, pointing out that the Public Health Law grants the Minister of Health authority over health sector procedures, including the medical wage tariff regulation.

He stressed the government’s role in protecting citizens and preserving the health sector’s reputation, praising the Medical Association’s national contributions.

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