EasyJet to launch 7 new routes boosting Aqaba tourism

Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat
Director General of the Jordan Tourism Board, Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat. (Photo: Jordan News Agency, Petra)
AMMAN — A significant boost to Aqaba's winter tourism season has been announced, with the introduction of seven new airline routes to the region. These routes, including four entirely new connections, will be operated by the low-cost carrier "EasyJet" and are scheduled to launch in November. اضافة اعلان

In a statement made on Sunday, Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat, the Director General of the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), emphasized that these new routes are a strategic move to cater to the winter tourism season, which spans from November to March, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported. They will connect Aqaba with major European cities, such as Milan, Amsterdan, Paris, and Lyon.

Arabiyat indicated, "This expansion aligns with JTB's broader strategy to boost tourist activity within the Kingdom, building upon recent successes in attracting larger numbers of visitors."

He also highlighted the evident economic benefits of low-cost carriers like EasyJet. Not only do they contribute to increased revenue through sales tax on hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets in tourist hotspots, but they also stimulate demand for tourism-related services and diversify service providers, including tour guides and various transportation options. Additionally, they create both direct and indirect employment opportunities, thereby supporting local operators and bolstering the overall economy.

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