Drug smuggling is an organized cross-border operation — Faraya

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Minister of Interior Mazen Al-Faraya has said that drug smuggling into Jordan is an organized and cross-border operation, and that the Kingdom is not the main target, but it is rather used for transit of narcotics to Gulf states and other countries, according to Alsaa.net.اضافة اعلان

In an interview with Sky News Arabia on Friday, Faraya elaborated that Jordan’s problem is mainly the poor ability of some neighboring countries to control their borders, due to internal problems, which are responsible for the presence of gaps through which arms and drug smugglers can operate.

He said that drug smuggling and trafficking is a global phenomenon, and that the Jordanian Public Security Directorate has developed a strategic plan to deal with this scourge.

The plan, according to Faraya, is based on awareness, operational, intelligence, and judicial axes. He pointed to a decline in the number of drug abuse cases, and a noticeable increase in cases of drug dealing and trafficking, as well as an increase in the number of quantities seized.

Faraya said that more than 3 tonnes of cannabis were seized this year, an increase of half a tonne over last year, 36kg of heroin, an amount that last year did not exceed 1kg, and nearly 40 million Captagon pills, compared to 16 million seized in 2021.

In another development, Faraya also said that Jordan has an attractive investment environment, due to its safety and stability, and to the fact that is has trade agreements with major countries that can be exploited by investors.

According to Faraya, 79 investors and their families have been granted Jordanian citizenships since the passing, last September, of amendments to the conditions required to obtain citizenship.

Concerning the status of children of Jordanian women married to foreigners, Faraya said that they now hold an identification card that can be used in government departments, and can now own property.

He added that the government has taken important decisions in their favor in the health and education sectors, giving them advantages similar to holders of Jordanian citizenship, in addition to allocating a number of seats in public universities for them.

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