Community leaders in Karak denounce compulsory displacement

(Photo: Jordan News)
KARAK - Community actors, representatives and clan elders in Karak have come together to state that the practice of compulsory displacement known as “Jaloua” is a threat to the social well-being of the community and has severe consequences, as reported by the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

During an interactive seminar organized by the Karak Forum for People's Events on Thursday evening, the actors and representatives added that compulsory displacement has social, economic, and psychological implications, and that mitigating those effects requires concerted efforts.

According to Viceroy Dr. Ghazi Al-Thnibat, forced displacements have become dominant in the social sphere, and take place without any rules or form of control, governed only by tribal principles, which are being refreshed and revived strongly.

Al-Thnibat referred to the effects of compulsory displacements in difficult circumstances for dozens of families, and the subsequent burning of homes of the displaced families after they have been forced to leave.

Al-Thnibat called for a formal review of the practices, and for minimum conditions to be put in place in regards to forced displacement.

He specified that this would see the practice apply to the perpetrator's family without any abuse to the dignity of the person as guaranteed by the Constitution, national law and Islamic law.

Al-Thnibat indicated that he is working on an initiative within the Council of the Nation, with state agencies and social actors to aim to achieve a community formula that controls the break-out of clan displacement and applies the practice to the perpetrator only as a first step.

President of the Forum, Khaled Al-Dhammour, stressed the importance of concerted efforts to put an end to the clan compulsory displacement and to enforce the rules of law.

At the symposium, clan elders and leaders called for the implementation and enforcement of the law as the only way to put an end to the deportation of members of families whose only fault is their family connection to the perpetrator.

They additionally called for all competent actors to come to an agreement about the specifics of the practice, specifically in cases of murder, honor killings, and face-dismemberment, through social and formal initiatives.

The leaders attending the symposium also noted that, in recent years, society has undergone significant developments relating to economic, social and cultural life.

They stated that this includes the emergence of a state governed by law and institutions, as well as population expansion and urbanization, all of which has become a major incentive to put an end to the customs and traditions that once prevailed.

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