Campaign against gender based violence begins on Thursday

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – The 16-day long campaign of Activism against Gender-Based Violence event will kick-off on Thursday. It is an annual international campaign for the elimination of violence against women that runs until 10 December.اضافة اعلان

According to AmmanNet, The UN has found that one out of three women and girls experience physical or sexual violence during their lifetime and that calls for help in cases related to domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic have increased.

Jordanian Women Solidarity Institute (SIGI), also known as "Tadamon", said that violence against women and girls is a global phenomenon and that about 35 percent of women have been subjected to it at some point in their lives. It added that statistics of violence against women and girls in Jordan are inadequate.

The most recent available statistics are those included in the Population and Family Health Survey (2017-2018), the annual numbers issued by the Family Protection Department and statistics issued by the Criminal Information Department on complaints of sexual crimes.

The number of females in Jordan until the end of 2018 was 4.851 million, including 1.725 million under the age of 15, 2.547 million between the ages of 15-49 and 578,000 over 50 years old.

Tadamon said that during the first 10 months of 2021, Jordan witnessed 15 family related murders, with 16 females killed.

The criminal statistical report for 2020, issued by the Criminal Information Department, documented 90 premeditated murders, along with nine beatings leading to death for that year. Of the 99 murders, 22 were female victims.

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