18 local food companies to take part in Fancy Food Show 2024 in New York

18 local food companies to take part in Fancy Food Show 2024 in New York
Amman - 18 Jordanian companies specialized in the food industry will begin on Sunday their participation in the Fancy Food Show 2024, which is scheduled to begin in New York City.اضافة اعلان

According to a statement Saturday by Jordan Exporters Association (JEA), which coordinates the Kingdom's participation, the show is a "key" international event in North America due to the "large" scale of presence from exhibitors, buyers and visitors from various countries across the world.

The JEA Chairman, Ahmed Khudari, said Jordan's participation in the three-day event is the fourteenth and comes within the association’s plans and programs to support and enable the national industry to enter new markets and learn about the latest developments in this field, which contributes to the "continued" development and growth of the Kingdom's food industries.

Khudari stated that the show represents an opportunity for Jordanian companies to promote national products, meet new world trade partners and open new "promising" markets.

Khudari also stressed that the Jordanian industry, especially the food industry, has witnessed "remarkable" development over the past years in terms of quality and "competitive" prices, which has already entered approximately 150 markets globally.

The U.S. market is one of the strongest markets in terms of purchasing power and is one of the "most promising" markets for national exports, he pointed out.

In this regard, he said several national products have the opportunity to enter U.S. and meet its needs, in light of the existence of the Jordan-U.S. free trade agreement (FTA).

Jordan and the U.S. signed the FTA in 2000, aimed to strengthen economic, trade and investment cooperation.

Khudari referred to efforts to increase national exports into major shopping centers in U.S., primarily Walmart, as it is the "largest" hypermarket in the U.S. and has achieved "large" numbers in its sales.

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