Savor Amman’s best local breakfasts in honor of Independence Day with Careem DineOut

Photos: Sarah Shabbar

By: Sarah Shabbar

AMMAN – As May 25 marked Jordan’s annual Independence Day, Al-Nashama worldwide celebrated with pride the Kingdom’s accomplishments. The streets, adorned with the Kingdom’s flag, echoed the message of prosperity and a fruitful future ahead.

Nonetheless, as Jordan celebrates 78 years of independence, one cannot help but think about what makes the Kingdom so special. From the bustling streets of Amman, the Kingdom’s core concrete jungle, to the extraterrestrial views of the South, and the greenery of the North, the Kingdom’s tapestry is tied together with Jordanian hospitality.

No matter where you turn, you will find someone opening their doors and hearts with open arms to welcome you for a meal, coffee, a conversation, or even a smile. It is, of course, the unofficial landmark of the Kingdom that hospitality is not just a task but a responsibility that Al-Nashmama carries proudly.

In honor of 78 years of independence, Careem celebrated Jordan in their special way—through shared meals around the sufra. As a Careem Plus subscriber, I had the opportunity to treat my friends, family, and loved ones to some special breakfasts with Careem's new feature, Careem DineOut. This feature showcases around 150 of Amman’s favorite restaurants and cafes, offering Careem Plus subscribers discounts of up to 50 percent and the opportunity to enjoy a variety of culinary experiences.

So around Amman’s seven hills, we explored some of the best breakfast options featuring some Nashmi favorites. Let us dive into our three favorites.

  1. 7attouteh
اضافة اعلان

Location:Swefieh Village, Abdoun

Discount: 20 percent


7attouteh can only be described as a breakfast spot with a taste of home away from home. As you walk in, the wooden décor paired with the embroidered chairs, decorated with the deep colors of red, black, and green, you instantly feel part of rich tradition.


Start your day with an early breakfast with friends, and linger for a cup of coffee. The food at 7attouteh is so delicious and rich that, during our visit, we found ourselves too full to even consider dessert.



What To Order:

The staff at 7attouteh recommends some standout favorites. One such dish is 7attouteh’s Bedouin Gallaya. This dish offers a delightful spicy twist, which pairs nicely with other dishes like Hummus with Lahmeh and crispy falafel, perfectly seasoned with cumin. What truly stands out at 7attouteh is their masterful use of spices and seasonings, which celebrate Jordan’s rich culinary heritage without being overpowering. Also, fun fact, Gallayet/Qallayet Bandora is one of His Majesty King Abdullah’s favorite Jordanian dishes.

Among the many dishes we tried, a few highlights include their mixed Labaneh balls, made by a local woman, and their Makdous, which are locally sourced. The Makdous, filled with walnuts, strikes a perfect balance between pickled and subtle, making them refreshingly tasty.

Another must-try is the halloumi and za’atar manakish. We loved how they used whole thyme leaves, adding a fragrant herbal note to the meal.

Fun fact: thyme belongs to the mint family, another herb that graced our breakfast table and infused many cups of black tea with its delightful aroma.

Menu Favorites:

-          7attouteh’s Bedouin Gallaya (get ready for spicy)

-          Labanet 7attouteh (the labaneh ball in almond is just to die for)

-          Hummus o Lahmeh (nice, creamy, and not overpowering, it is a great dish to order to get a little extra protein in)


  1. Jafra Restaurant & Cafe

Location:Downtown Amman

Discount:10 percent


No conversation about Amman’s tapestry is complete without mentioning the heart of the city, Downtown Amman. Every time you step into Downtown Amman, you will hear the welcoming words "Ahlan o Sahlan." Whether you are exploring shop fronts, eateries, or trinket stalls, Downtown Amman reflects Jordan’s rich history, with old traces of Amman still intact. Jafra is a prime example of honoring Amman’s past. As you ascend the concrete stairs, you are transported to an earlier time, with old signs, an intact library, and a typewriter that shares Jordan’s history.

Jafra is the perfect family spot. We visited on a Friday, and it was a delightful place to share meals and laughter. After your meal, a stroll through Downtown Amman is a must, as you won’t be able to resist going back for seconds, thirds, and even fourths.

Every dish at Jafra is made with care and presented in traditional style, either on old-school plates or in clay pots (Fukhara) providing an authentic experience. If you can, sit on the balcony for some people-watching and a view of Amman’s streets and buildings.

What To Order:

We visited around brunchtime, an ideal time for breakfast that also allows for heartier dishes. It’s a perfect time to go with family, giving mom a break from cooking for the day, and you’ll leave feeling very full.

Some family favorites included the Gallayet Bandora with meat, beautifully presented and cooked in a clay pot (Fakhura), which is only opened when ordered, ensuring it is nice and steamy. The dish featured well-balanced tomato and meat pieces. Another highlight was the Fatteh Hummus, served hot and generously portioned, with local ghee for a rich, balanced taste. These dishes were the first to disappear.

Lastly, you can’t talk about Jordan without mentioning its cheeses and yogurts. Jafra’s Shanklish is a must-try, with its mix of herbs, strong sheep cheese, and beautiful toppings, showcasing the special flavors of Levantine cuisine.

Menu Favorites

-          Galayet Bandora With Meat (Not too acidic, and a good balance of meat to tomato ratio)

-          Fatteh Hummus (Great value, and made hot to order, every bite just melts in your mouth)

-          Shanklish (If you like cheese, this is your dish)


  1. Shams El Balad

Location: Jabal Amman

Discount: 10 percent


Shams El Balad, located in Jabal Amman, one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Amman, showcases the beautiful architecture of the Kingdom from a bygone era. Local, seasonal, and always fresh – this is the essence of breakfast at Shams El Balad. With a nod to traditional dishes and a touch of modernity, the restaurant emphasizes the freshness of seasonal and local ingredients. It’s a perfect spot for a serene date night, where you can sit outside, enjoy the breeze and greenery, and indulge in Instagram-worthy food that will make your friends envious. The name "Shams El Balad" translates to "the sun of the city," and you'll indeed feel the sun's warmth as you savor the fresh, delightful tastes.

We ordered the Mezze Platter, an excellent choice for sampling a variety of dishes that highlight Shams El Balad’s commitment to local ingredients. The platter includes a unique twist on Labaneh, blended with fresh herbs and Rocca, resulting in a creamy, subtly green dish.

Of course, a visit to Shams El Balad isn’t complete without trying their beetroot Falafel. This fun, vibrant dish combines traditional flavors with a modern twist, and the pink tarator sauce served with it is refreshingly delightful, complementing the other mezze dishes perfectly.

Another standout was the Parsley Ijjeh. Herb lovers will adore this dish, not only for its flavor but also for its beautiful color. The vibrant and tasty dishes at Shams El Balad reflect Jordan’s rich agricultural and gastronomical heritage.


Menu Favorites:

-          Mezze Platter (honestly perfect for sharing and if you can’t land on what to order)

-          Beetroot Falafel (Such a fun twist on a traditional dish)

-          Parsley Ijjeh (Featuring local, fresh herbs, and of course, tasty eggs, it’s a great breakfast time option).


Whether it is grabbing a bite with family, friends, or loved ones, Careem DineOut has everything you need to enjoy Amman’s diverse food landscape. Plus, who does not love a discount? The only question is, where will your next meal adventure be, foodie?


Download the latest version of the app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or via direct Android download, and start dining out.



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