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December 8 2021 11:13 AM ˚
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Mgaear Al-Sarhan, Al-Sareeh SC qualify for 2022 Jordanian Professional League

Mgaear Al-Sarhan celebrates their win of the 2022 Jordan League Division I. (Photo: Jordan Football Association)
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AMMAN — Mgaear Al-Sarhan team was crowned champion of the 2022 Jordan League Division I and qualified for the 2022 Jordanian Pro League, while Al-Sareeh qualified second.اضافة اعلان

Mgaear Al-Sarhan topped the ranking of teams by 29 points, while Sareeh landed second with 26 points. While Sarhan came in third place with 25 points, Ittihad Al-Ramtha 22 points, Al-Ahli SC 21 points, Al-Arabi 18 points, Balaama 15 points, Amman FC and Kufrsoum SC 14 points, Al-Yarmouk FC and Al-Tora 13 points, Al-Karmel SC and Mansheyat Bani Hassan came last with zero points.

Al-Baqaa and Al-Jalil have dropped down from the 2021 pro club league to the Division I league, where both of their spots will be taken by Mgaear Al-Sarhan and Sareeh.

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