Geely Azkarra: Chinese SUV coming to impress

The Geely Azkarra (Photos: Geely)
Chinese cars are stereo typed as cheap, lower quality copies of more established international car models. That was true 20 years ago, but today, the huge investments and smart partnerships and technology-transfer strategies of the Chinese auto industry are starting to pay off. One of the newest and strongest examples of China’s newly acquired ability to compete on the global stage is the all-new Geely Azkarra SUV four-wheel drive model, which is the first model to arrive here in Jordan from the Chinese Automotive giant Geely. The Azkarra is obviously aimed at challenging and shattering doubts about Chinese cars in terms of design, quality, engineering, and safety.اضافة اعلان

Azkarra is a modern mid-size elegant SUV, packed with luxury features, smart drive systems, and fully equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology that make it a strong Challenger in its class, thus representing a bold attempt by Geely to establish its presence in the highly competitive SUV market segment.

From a design prospective, the Azkarra is a result of Geely’s global design capabilities. The visions of Geely’s design teams from three different international design centers came together to realize the elegant shape of a global-oriented SUV, combining Eastern and Western parameters of beauty and elegance.

The global teams are headed by renowned Australian designer Guy Burgoyne, head of design for Geely in China, who previously worked at Apple and later led the design studio at Geely’s Swedish subsidiary Volvo. Burgoyne commented on the Azkara’s design: “Azkarra inspires more confidence thanks to an ever-evolving design style, which boldly redefines this segment with striking boldness to present a sports SUV inspired by a high-end lifestyle.”

The front of the Azkarra is characterized by a bold and prominent presence, with a high hood and a prominent front grille, which leaves a strong impression The front grille, in the shape of the “cosmos galaxy”, Geely’s signature design, is surrounded by headlights with prominent and deep LED lighting that distinguish the Azkarra from any other car.

The car’s interior is characterized by an elegant and harmonious design that imparts a sense of sophistication and tranquility: Electric power Napa leather seats with ventilation and heating, a panoramic roof, and air vents — a prominent design feature — which extend on both sides of the dashboard and continue to the two doors. In addition, the layers seamlessly overlap and rotate to improve the visual depth throughout the cabin.

The most striking feature is the 12.3-inch high-definition center infotainment screen with touchscreen and a 7-inch LCD instrument panel, both of which seamlessly integrate into the sophisticated front panel with ambient lighting, overall an impressive cabin that’s over and above all expectations.

In terms of power, the Azkarra is equipped with a powerful and efficient Mild Hybrid system, which includes a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with turbo and direct injection, as well as a seven-speed transmission and a non-dry dual-clutch DCT. Geely developed this engine in cooperation with Volvo, to generate a maximum power of 177hp and a maximum torque of 265Nm. The engine is combined to a 48-volt Electric Motor that provides an additional power of 13hp and 50Nm. When the two engines are combined, the maximum power becomes 190hp. With a torque of 300Nm and a combined fuel consumption of 6.8 liters/100km.

The Azkarra continues to impress with smart drive capabilities with advanced driver assistance systems, in addition to a group of innovative technologies. An advanced radar system and 360-degree full-view cameras allow the car to see and track surrounding objects, which allows Azkarra to offer very advanced driver assistance systems such as the emergency braking aid and the intelligent adaptive cruise control that works at speeds of up to 150km/h. In addition to the lane departure warning system and lane-keeping assist system. Azkarra even features a “speed limit information” feature that can detect traffic lights that specify the maximum driving speed on the road.