Life Changes

Young Talk

Tala Basheer Omar
(Photo: JNews)
In the days before COVID-19 everything was peaceful. However, no one knew what would happen soon. We used to be such happy children, going to school and learning good education. We also used to go to beaches. We’d spend Eid visiting our relatives. Suddenly, our world flipped. Adults’ lives changed; and children’s lives changed.اضافة اعلان

Online school started. I used to complain about going to school, so therefore this news was very good to me. In the beginning, the second semester seemed fine. But then summer came around. It got boring: nothing to do, because we can’t travel or go out. Time went by, a new year started. Then online school started getting harder. Problems happened with the internet or problems with understanding lessons. Maybe some find online classes fun. But gets boring as time goes by. COVID-19 prevented kids from getting proper educations.

Kids used to run around parks and gardens freely, without some parks, games stopped. Many children have lost their childhood. I complained about not getting to play games online during school days, but now it feels as if I have all the time to play games. We miss seeing our friends at school, as well as waking up early. We also miss hearing our teacher’s voice, running around in gym class, racing to the cafeteria, hearing the school bell — I miss all of these things. I also missed exams on which we could write. I also miss helping the teacher get her stuff to the teachers’ lounge

We also had activities like friendship day, country day, and traditional day. We also used to make many other activities and crafts like mother’s day crafts, father’s day crafts, and National Earth Day crafts. We used to read our school newspaper. We also had competitions like spelling bees and handwriting competitions. It used to be a lot of fun indeed.

I missed traveling. I used to hate waiting to get on the airplane and wait for them to get our bags. Especially when they check passports — it would take so long, according to me. And once we get through all of this, we will have to wait for the airplane. I miss seeing my grandparents and all of my aunts and uncles. And my cousins. But I used to hate traveling just because of the waiting. Now I wish we could all travel. To visit all these wonderful places back in Jordan.

I remember going to a big carnival with my family. We enjoyed the games there, especially the giant ferris wheel. We ate popcorn and cotton candy. I also remember going to the mall with my grandparents. And helping my aunt take care of my cousin. I also remember when my mother took me and my friend to the children’s museum. We played a lot. We learned about space and specific jobs. I also remember when my grandpa took us to the park almost every day, and my sister and I would have a lot of fun. I also went to summer camp. I loved it, and I will deeply miss it.

I dream about doing all these things again. Everything we used to complain about turned into wanting to do it again. We all should have hope because of the vaccine. I also wish to be able to move around freely and do all of these things again.