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Traveling during COVID-19

Tala Basheer Omar. (Photo: Jordan News)
Tala Basheer Omar. (Photo: Jordan News)
Ever since COVID-19 has started, it has affected a lot of things and one of them is traveling. Traveling can be like going to another place for a relaxing vacation in another country or you need to go to another country for work. But nowadays traveling has changed much.اضافة اعلان

When you travel, you need a ticket. And when you have a ticket you will have a certain amount of time and a specific date. You can’t just travel like that without nothing at all! But after arriving at the airport you will need to sort out the weight and find out if you have the maximum weight or not. 

That seems easy enough. After that you go to another area that we can call security, were you will be checked or the items in your bags will be checked. After that you can wait in the waiting room for the airplane.

But now, it is the same thing. But you need to get tested for COVID-19 before you travel. And when you arrive you will also need to test. Besides that, you will need to wear a mask and keep it on. But when COVID-19 first started, traveling was stopped. So of course, when it opened again, it would be crowded.

Now, as a child, traveling might be exhausting. Wearing a mask all the time, taking COVID-19 tests, practicing social distancing, and much more. For me, when you experience traveling nowadays, I have noticed that it really did change. It isn’t the same traveling process we all know. It’s different.

In my experience, it’s harder to travel than before. Children get more tired than adults, getting tested for COVID-19 two times.

Adults do too. But also children the age of seven need to take the test, as well as wear a mask all the time. 

In the end, I don’t think that this traveling process will be there much longer. In some time, it might change back to normal. People will eventually need to take the vaccine. And hopefully, if everything goes well, we will all be traveling normally again!

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