‘The pen is in our hands’

Mohamed K. Alayyan (Photo: JNews)
Nineteen years ago, I had a dream of publishing an independent, young, dynamic newspaper: the outcome was Al-Ghad. Despite several nightmares along the way, the dream did come true. Today Al-Ghad is “the number one most read newspaper in Jordan” (according to government sources). Yet that was not my sole purpose. Al-Ghad was to stand by the youth for the youth, to push boundaries and to flirt with the newest technologies. I am proud to say that Al-Ghad continues to grow and remains one of the top newspapers in the region. Al-Ghad has achieved most of my original goals but not all.اضافة اعلان

Today I get another chance to fulfil all my goals! Although Jordan News is a completely new initiative, and it is its own separate entity, its foundation comes from Al-Ghad and will, in turn, endeavor to learn from Al-Ghad’s achievements and from its disappointments.

Jordan News is a multimedia collective/platform that is an innovative initiative for delivering news with integrity to the public, which it aims to serve. Jordan News is not a static venture. It is a flexible, multifaceted platform that is a player in transforming the media landscape of the past and present into the future.

Jordan News, above all else, has at its heart a simple goal: the pursuit of truth. The truth is what the Jordanian public deserves and is what they should expect at all times from Jordan News. Born into this time of adversity the world is currently facing, characterized by an ongoing pandemic and an increasingly polarized environment, where the need for credible, objective and unbiased media is crucial, Jordan News serves a purpose.

The creation of Jordan News was no small feat. I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to the tireless efforts of my team, the editors, creators, writers, and journalists who have worked countless hours to make this dream a reality. I would also like to thank you, the readers, who are the most important piece in this ventured puzzle. Together we take small steps together and leap into a future of possibility. A future of hope through transparency is only possible in partnership with you, the reader.

As a team, Jordan News has tremendous challenges ahead but in the words of His Majesty King Abdullah: “The Arab world is writing a new future; the pen is in our hands.” Indeed, the pen is in our hands.

The author is the publisher and chairman of Al-Ghad and Jordan News