Jordan’s proactive diplomacy foresees opportunity amid times of peril

Khalid Dalal
Khalid Dalal (Photo: Jordan News)
What is going on in the occupied Palestinian lands is so intense that it will change realities. That’s for sure.اضافة اعلان

The best scenario is when diplomacy has a strong grip on the situation and gears it towards a win-win situation, and an ending as convenient for all as possible. We are talking here about what the world has agreed to, a two-state solution resulting in the establishment of a viable Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. That also leaves a secure Israel with normal relations with 57 Arab and Muslim countries, or a good part of them, and a better image in a world that is becoming increasingly disillusioned with Israel’s false spins and the last nastiest occupation in the world.

Evidently, Jordan has grasped this fact before any other actor, due to its proximity to the Palestinian cause, and for being a historically peace-loving nation, yet a very firm one when it comes to justice and the rights of people to live freely. Such orientation of the Kingdom has put it at the forefront of the diplomatic push, including a move to step up pan-Arab action, and pressing for the Arab League’s meeting to be held at the ministerial level.

And even before the recent events in Jerusalem, Jordanian diplomacy reactivated its tools and renewed the drive for effective peace talks with the two-state formula and the international law and resolutions as its frame of reference. With US President Joe Biden in office, the time frame is four years to reach a historical peace agreement that will change the face of the region and render the entire world a better place.

Those who are familiar with Amman’s diplomatic dynamic, led by His Majesty King Abdullah, surely agree that the Kingdom is seeing through the dust of the battle, which has changed the balance of power and the rules of the game. There are Palestinian factions that act on the basis that Tel Aviv would not tilt to peace unless the language of military force is heard loud and clear. Israel has frequently sought to silence the sound of resistance and failed so far, and, as things on the ground have shown, such a goal is a far-fetched ambition.

The momentum must be sustained and boosted, and Washington should be addressed with the right language, seizing an opportunity that was nonexistent during former US president Donald Trump’s administration. At least, Biden and his European allies, like Jordan, believe that the two-state solution is the most feasible option.

Certainly, chances will be stronger if two major developments emerge: A unified Palestinian stand and an Israeli government that sees the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sidelined. His rival, Yair Lapid, regardless of all reservations, is a better alternative, especially since he is a proponent of the two state-solution.

Aware of these facts, Jordan’s high-gear diplomacy is deployed to avert any other scenario than de-escalation and a sincere engagement of the international community that leads to a peaceful solution and two states living side by side in peace and security. And in this regard, His Majesty has recently met with a senior US delegation in Amman, and was in Brussels weeks after he dispatched Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Al-Safadi to Ramallah, where he announced the new peace push, with the consent of the Palestinians. Last week, Safadi turned Washington into a situation room, meeting with concerned US officials and talking with the influential players, including Russia, France, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, and others. One of the main goals of this diplomatic flurry is to ensure that Israel would finally understand that unilateral decisions, recklessness, and arrogance are taking it nowhere, but dragging the entire region into the abyss.

The game being played by Netanyahu is counterproductive for him and his country. Relying on extremists to provoke the sentiments of a third of the planet’s population, and a rocket response, will only fan the fire, which must be put out by the voices of reason and moderation, who have seen enough to judge that Israel can never come out triumphant. Jordan’s message to Tel Aviv and its blind supporters is to wake up to the reality that the Palestinians will never cave in, regardless of the price, and that the world is fed up with its illegitimate practices and a loathed occupation of lands that belong to another people.

Maybe efforts to form another government that excludes Netanyahu will face hurdles, but definitely, the Israeli voters will never again run to embrace Netanyahu as the savior. For over two decades, after all, he has been promising them a peace that has never materialized.

A vigorous international intervention is required now to seize the opportunity, serve justice and equality and put this conflict behind us, once and for all.

The current crisis will end sooner or later, but it is crucial that Arabs be ready for the day after, and not miss this chance brought about by the bravery of Palestinians, backed by a unified public opinion in the Arab and Muslim world and among millions across the world, who reject the occupation’s brutal practices against helpless occupied people.

His Majesty King Abdullah has titled his book, published few years ago: “Our Last Best Chance: The Pursuit of Peace in a Time of Peril”. Now is a time of peril, but as said then, “the prize is enormous, and the cost of failure is far greater than we dare imagine”.

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