Independence along the Jordan

Jawad Anani
Jawad Anani (Photo: Jordan News)
What is more costly than arriving at independence is maintaining it. Are all third world countries actually independent, or have they merely moved from colonization to a mellow form of dependency on their colonizers?اضافة اعلان

Take Israel as an example. It boasts its record as the “only” democracy in the Middle East. Wow?

A tall claim like this needs to be substantiated with solid evidence. The maltreatment of its Palestinian citizens shames the worst dictatorships, let alone those who pose themselves as the “ideal haven of human rights”. Not only that, but Israel also celebrates what they call their “independence day”?

Independence of whom and from what? Until May 15, 1948, there was no Israel and there was no occupier of an Israeli entity. The Jews population was part of the demography of Palestine. Actually, they were the beneficiaries of British colonial power. So, this misnomer of “independence” defies the historical facts, and it proves that Jordan, in comparison, is a country whose “real independence” preceded that of Israel by two years.

As far as the West Bank is concerned, it is an occupied territory by a foreign state, and according to international law and in conformity with human rights, Israel’s occupation forces must leave and the Palestinians who are under Israeli occupation must be freed and awarded their well-deserved independence.

The American diplomatic efforts spearheaded by the new Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is trying to restore the situation back to the status quo prior to the Trump interregnum. Should Blinken and team succeed in doing that, it would bring Arabs, both normalizers and non- normalizers, back to the negotiation arena without hesitation.

Yet, the Blinken process is creating its own impediments along the way.

The allocation of $360 million by the US administration as an extra aid to the Palestinian people is conditioned by the proviso that any intervention by Hamas is refused. Why would Hamas willingly fall into this Catch-22? It will not work, and the people of Gaza will not trade Hamas for few million dollars. This aid package is not meant to be.

Sympathetic American media coverage focuses on Gazans who lost dear ones and homes, and who in a moment of somber sorrow may ask for help. I wish the media correspondents there (Ben Wedeman and Arawa Damon) would ask those grieving children if they would accept aid at the expense of their war heroes?

To replenish Israel’s arsenal after its 11-day aggression on Gaza is nothing more than a humorous oxymoron. If we are to derive any conclusions from this situation, we can deduce that Israel, which is full of claims that it can defend itself, is actually more vulnerable than their antagonists in Gaza.

Netanyahu who called on Europeans and Westerners to stand by Israel because it is an advanced outpost defending their interests is nothing but an admission of dependence.

Jordan, which celebrated its 75th Independence Day on May 25, is by far more independent than Israel despite all the latter’s claims to the contrary.

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