Finally, youth have received the right messages

rainbow street
A man makes his way past a public space overlooking the city on Rainbow Street in Amman, Jordan. (Photo: NYTimes)
It's been a tough six months, but once again, Jordan has proven itself resilient and undefeatable. I doubt we can actually count the positive outcomes of the fight the country has waged against challenges that have put Jordan as we know it face to face with existential threats. اضافة اعلان

It all came in an ominous package, a sedition, which His Majesty the King re-named "conspiracy” against Jordan and the Palestinian cause, the Israeli aggressions on Jerusalem, Gaza and the rest of the occupied lands, a vicious second wave of COVID-19 and its economic repercussions, and finally, the fiasco of a delusional, flamboyant MP who crossed all the lines, and unfortunately, found some who followed him blindly and put the whole country on its tiptoes, as they used violence against the security forces, the very people who are protecting them and their families.

Today, we awaken from this nightmare. The sedition is behind us, Jordan has restored its niche in regional politics, and the pandemic is receding and if we commit to health guidelines, we will survive. We rise again as a nation largely united behind its leadership and in solidarity with the Palestinians, reminding the world that Palestine remains our first and foremost cause.

In the details, perhaps the most significant yield of the recent events is a list of positive messages to Jordan's youth, mostly involving an assuring shift of tone from a reality that was dragging the county to a danger zone.

The first was that Jordan has not lost, or, at least, lost and regained its role on the regional stage, especially after the new democratic US administration took the helm in Washington DC. Besides, Jordan’s diplomacy played a very influential role in support of Palestinians, while the official and grassroots stances were, for the most part, identical, which sent a message to young men and women that their country would always stand by what is right and legitimate and would never give up on Jerusalem and the rights of the Palestinian people.

No less important was the message that none is above the law, manifested in the firm response to the riots in support of sacked lawmaker Osama Al-Ajarmeh. The danger lurking in that situation was not the violence itself, rather the impact of a passive reaction on part of the government to these illegal activities on youth in other areas, especially in urban centers and inner city neighborhoods. If people who violate the law are not held accountable, while others are penalized under to the law in the letter for the mildest unlawful act, this will really be a serious issue when the frustration reaches the critical mass among the young generation, among which unemployment reaches 50 percent and poverty is sweeping these areas.

Maybe we need a poll to measure that in a scientific manner, away from personal impressions. If the morale of young Jordanians is indeed higher because their country is scoring better at the local and regional levels, immediate plans should be drawn up to sustain the spirit and move towards total recovery at every level.

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